Lipstickroyalty Agency Inc. Welcomes Vie De Rêve Sparkling Wine as a New Client


LipstickRoyalty Agency Inc.

Miami, Florida – The Lipstickroyalty Agency Inc., a leading PR firm in Miami, is thrilled to announce the addition of Vie De Rêve sparkling wine to their esteemed list of clients.

Vie De Rêve is a Haitian-American-owned luxurious sparkling wine brand that aims to elevate everyday moments into unique, extraordinary, and unforgettable experiences. Vie De Rêve is rooted in a sense of tradition and culture. It is committed to creating a lasting impression on all those who enjoy its sparkling wines.

The Lipstickroyalty Agency Inc. understands the importance of creating a strong brand voice and presence for Vie De Rêve globally and will be working diligently to ensure that they are successful in their mission.

"I am beyond excited for our new partnership with Vie De Rêve. We are honored and ready to bring their luxurious sparkling wine brand to the forefront and help them create an everlasting impression on all those who experience it," said CEO of Lipstickroyalty Agency Inc., Shawn Nelson.

Vie De Rêve is committed to delivering exceptional quality, taste, and experience in their products. With the help of Lipstickroyalty Agency Inc., Vie De Rêve will reach a global audience and establish a unique brand voice within the industry.

The Lipstickroyalty Agency Inc. looks forward to helping Vie De Rêve become a premier brand and creating exceptional experiences for all those who enjoy it.


The Lipstickroyalty Agency offers integrated public relations services and brand management services to female minority entrepreneurs, creators, corporations, non-profits, athletes, government agencies, and small business owners throughout the United States and Internationally.

December 5, 2023 4:45pm ET by LipstickRoyalty Agency Inc.  

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