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To a lot of independent artists and labels around the world, getting radio play has been the most challenging aspect of their music career. You create song after song, putting in countless amounts of hours and hard work into your music, only to find that most radio stations will not give you a fair chance to be heard. You may feel as if 85% of major artists don't deliver the unique creativity that you bring to the table musically, but still get tons of radio airplay, even from the independent radio stations. IBFU Radio was founded by Christina Lynn Forbes to generate song royalties, paying independent artists by giving them radio play. IBFU Radio also helps independent artists brand their names, music and get more exposure at the same time.

IBFU Radio, globally known independent radio station runs a 24 hour broadcast that not only streams music online, but also in the comfortability of your own home, your work office, as well as your mobile devices. By offering free streaming music for its listeners online and on the go IBFU Radio creates the perfect environment for independent artists to get their music heard at any point during the day. There is no question that more independent artists getting radio play and collecting song royalties will aid the market for independent producers and recording studios into a much needed financial breakthrough by developing more business opportunities as the independent artists begin to re-invest into their music.

How do you get your music on the radio? Simply visit and contact Christina Lynn Forbes personally via email, text, or phone. How do you get paid song royalties? After creating your music you must first register them with BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, or Sound Exchange. IBFU Radio will report to them monthly which songs are being played and royalties will be calculated for distribution to the artists based on the amount of radio spins received each month. If you are an independent artist seeking radio play visit the brand new radio spins page at to listen to the radio station and view the current radio spins packages that you can receive for your music.


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