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The sensational Bea Anderson unveils EP - The Classroom of Silence, Out Now via all streaming platforms.

Bea’s forthcoming EP, The Classroom of Silence is a glance into the personal growth and wisdom that Bea has gained from times of introspection on her journey of self-love and acceptance. We witness Bea processing personal trauma from heartache to flexing her growth as she finds love in the aftermath of adversity. Lead track Goodbye delves deeper into the idea of what true love should mean, Bea guides us on a path of transformation and healing with her mesmerising R&B flavour and masterful storytelling. She knows that true evolution can only be achieved by facing one's spirit, and true freedom comes from learning to coexist without depending on love from others.

Bea Shares - “This project signifies 6 lessons I learned in the classroom of silence. The name is derived from the life-changing book ‘The Rhythm of Life’ by Matthew Kelly. The concept explores the notion that true knowing of identity occurs when nothing else is occurring - also known as in the midst of silence. Each song depicts a different life lesson and ultimately the influential turning points in the development of my identity. The project explores the themes of healing, love and transformation.”

Produced by Jarom S'ua (Timbaland, Drake) and written by Bea, Classroom of Silence explores the complexities of love, life and balance. Opening track ‘Inner Child’ is a heartwarming addition to the EP, as we hear ‘little Bea’ reflect on all of her learnings, delivering words of praise to the woman she’s become, gracefully setting the tone for the following tracks.

Previously released Pieces, Picture Perfect, and Astronomical ft. Jords allows us a glimpse into Bea’s relationships from heartbroken to captivated. The narrative flow Bea creates on her journey of growth and transformation as she displays her storytelling prowess through her soulful lyrics and masterful songwriting, over the years she has captured the attention of major DSPs and publications - BBC Radio 1Xtra (track of the week and C-List), Spotify (New Music Friday, Fresh Finds) and backing from Notion, Apple Music (New Music Daily, New in R&B, Breaking R&B), HUNGER and most recently COMPLEX, CLASH & COLORS.


  1. Inner Child (message)
  2. Pieces
  3. Picture Perfect
  4. Astronomical ft. Jords
  5. Mirror Mirror
  6. Goodbye


Bea has firmly planted her roots in the R&B scene with support from the likes of BBC Radio 1Xtra (track of the week and C-List), Spotify (New Music Friday, Fresh Finds) and backing from Notion, Apple Music (New Music Daily, New in R&B, Breaking R&B). She creates contemporary r&b and soul with a seldom found sense of timelessness. Her music has the remarkable ability to resonate deeply with listeners in every corner of the world, with songs that circle introspection and the inherent resilience and versatility that runs in her blood. Bea's earliest experience of music came as a three-year-old when her mum placed her in front of an audience and asked her to sing. She found that making her own music was a way to bond her early experiences of Gospel with her passion for R&B groups like Destiny’s Child, Cherish and Boyz II Men.

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October 13, 2023 10:22am ET by Morena  

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