Netflix Brazil: The Second Season of “Invisible City” Airs on March 22 Worldwide

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O help whet fans' appetites, Netflix has just released a teaser for the second season of Invisible City, a Brazilian production that has won over audiences both in Brazil and around the world. After a two-year wait, this is a first look at new scenes from the series. In addition to the return of some familiar names, the trailer features new characters and gives us a taste of what to expect from forthcoming episodes.

In this second season, after a long absence, we see Eric (Marco Pigossi) in a nature reserve near Belém do Pará, which is protected by indigenous people and sought after by prospectors. He discovers that his daughter, Luna (Manu Dieguez), and Cuca (Alessandra Negrini) have been living in the region with the aim to bring him back to life. Although he wants to return to Rio de Janeiro immediately with Luna, Eric realizes that his daughter has a greater mission to undertake in the region. At the same time, in trying to protect her, he becomes a threat to the delicate balance between nature and the entities.

The teaser released today is partially narrated in the indigenous Tukano language, brought to the screen by the character of Pajé Jaciara (Ermelinda Yepario). "We are taking the second season to Belém, a major city rich with stories. The new episodes show an indigenous Brazil, from the North, multi-faceted and with new entities and fascinating elements from popular culture," Carlos Saldanha explained.

Made by Pródigo Filmes, Cidade Invisível features Carlos Saldanha as creator and executive producer and Luis Carone as general director, as well as directors Cassiano Prado, Graciela Guarani and Luciana Baptista.



Created by: Carlos Saldanha

Lead Director: Luis Carone

Directors: Luis Carone, Cassiano Prado, Graciela Guarani, and Luciana Baptista

Executive Producers: Carlos Saldanha, Francesco Civita, Beto Gauss, Renata Grynszpan, Marcelo Máximo, Luisa Adegas, Caito Ortiz, and Marco Anton

Produced by: Francesco Civita and Beto Gauss

Head Screenwriter: Mirna Nogueira

Screenwriters: Antonio Arruda, Fábio Leal, Iris Junges, Letícia Fudissaku, Luíza Fazio, Regina Negrini, and Rodrigo Baptista

Script Consultants: Leticia Fudissaku and Marcos Ferraz

Cast: Marco Pigossi, Alessandra Negrini, Manu Dieguez, Letícia Spiller, Simone Spoladore, Zahy Guajajara, Kay Sara, Julia Konrad, Rodrigo dos Santos, Tatsu Carvalho, Marcos de Andrade, Mestre Sebá, Ermelinda Yepario, and Tomás de França

About Pródigo Filmes

Pródigo Filmes is a renowned Brazilian production company. In addition to Invisible City, it also produced Girls from Ipanema, another fictional series for Netflix, and SOB, an award-winning HBO series. Pródigo produced the feature films Jules and Dolores, which won the Audience Award at the 2016 SXSW and Matraga, which took home 5 awards at the Rio International Film Festival. In 2018, Pródigo produced and released Florianópolis Dream, which won 4 awards at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

Among their as-yet unreleased titles are Spider, for Paramount+, a fictional series about the life of Brazilian fighter Anderson Silva; Amar é Para os Fortes, for Amazon Prime Video, based on Marcelo D2's album of the same name; Sociedade de Ferro, a documentary series for Globo Filmes that takes a hard look at consumer culture using the disasters in Mariana and Brumadinho as a backdrop; A Vida é um Game, for HBO; and the second season of Invisible City.

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