What if ninjas still exist in Japan? "House of Ninjas" streams from today on February 15, 2024


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What if ninjas still operated in the shadows of modern Japan?

Netflix, one of the world's leading entertainment services, has developed and produced the series House of Ninjas, which starts streaming globally and exclusively Thursday, February 15.

Ninjas existed throughout many pivotal times in Japanese history - but what if they were still secretly undertaking missions in modern society? Set in today's Japan, this series tells the story of the Tawara family, the last ninja clan that abandoned its roots after a particular mission. Now, the family must face the biggest crisis Japan has seen yet - one that threatens to shake the nation to its core.

The series stars Kento Kaku, who also serves as a co-executive producer. He approached this series with heightened motivation, saying he has bet staked life on this work. Kaku plays Haru, the second son of the Tawara family. Although he is an elite ninja with unrivaled skills, Haru's kindness led to disaster and a great trauma that still haunts him. The actors portraying Haru's family are Yosuke Eguchi as his father Soichi, Tae Kimura as his mother Yoko, Kengo Kora as his older brother Gaku, Aju Makita as his older sister Nagi, and Nobuko Miyamoto as his mysterious grandmother Taki, who watches the family from the shadows.

Additional cast members who play essential characters have now been revealed. Riho Yoshioka plays magazine reporter Karen Ito, who covered the incident involving the Tawaras that occurred six years earlier. Tomorowo Taguchi plays Jin Hamashima, a government official who works behind the scenes to prevent a national crisis. Tokio Emoto plays Masamitsu Oki, a new recruit in Hamashima's organization who uses high-tech equipment in his ninja activities. Other cast members and their supporting roles have been revealed as well: Pierre Taki plays Zensuke Omi, a detective investigating a series of mysterious robberies. Kyusaku Shimada plays Kosaku Kuze, the leader of a cleaning crew who is tasked by Hamashima to cover the ninjas' tracks. Mariko Tsutsui plays Toko Mukai, the ruling party's policy chief who was once rescued by the Tawara family. Rounding out this star-studded cast is Tenta Banka, who plays Riku, the third son of the Tawaras and the only member of the family who is unaware that they are ninjas. What crisis threatens the nation? And how will the Tawara family - the last ninja clan that turned its back on its heritage - face this threat? Keep an eye out for more updates about this series.

Key art for this series has also been released. The art has a dark tone that embodies the hidden world of shadowy ninjas. Through a slightly opened door, Kaku's character Haru can be seen standing in a hallway, wearing ninja attire and holding a dagger while staring at something with a piercing gaze.

Directed by energetic American director Dave Boyle, this spectacle fuses top-secret spy action with a family drama full of colorful characters. The Netflix series House of Ninjas starts streaming worldwide on February 15, only on Netflix.

Netflix Series House of Ninjas

Cast: Kento Kaku, Yosuke Eguchi, Tae Kimura, Kengo Kora, Aju Makita, Riho Yoshioka, Nobuko Miyamoto Tomorowo Taguchi, Tokio Emoto, Pierre Taki, Kyusaku Shimada, Mariko Tsutsui, Tenta Banka

Based on a Story by: Kento Kaku, Yoshiaki Murao, Takafumi Imai
Director: Dave Boyle
Written by: Dave Boyle, Masahiro Yamaura, Kota Oura, Kanna Kimura
Executive Producer: Yoshihiro Sato (Netflix)
Producer: Akira Kanbe
Production: TOHO Studio
Produced by: Netflix
Release: Thursday, February 15, 2024, worldwide and only on Netflix


Source Netflix, Inc.

February 15, 2024 4:00am ET by Netflix, Inc.  

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