"Super Rich in Korea" on Netflix: A Lavish Expedition into the Lives of Korea's Elite this April

"Super Rich in Korea" on Netflix


Netflix, Inc.

"Super Rich in Korea" is Netflix's thrilling new series, inviting viewers into the ultra-luxurious lives of the world's wealthiest in the heart of Korea. This show is a dazzling exploration of extravagance, combining the allure of Singaporean millionaires, the glamour of the Arab world's Kardashians, the elegance of Pakistan's royalty, and the chic of Italian fashion icons, all bound by their love for Korean culture.

Experience the opulence that defines the lives of these elites. From Singapore's affluent David to Korea's own Hee-ra, resembling Paris Hilton; Pakistan's Royal Anna; Italy's fashion prodigy Teodoro; and Noor, the Arab world's social media sensation with 50 million followers - they all choose Korea as their lavish playground.

"Super Rich in Korea" unveils a realm where luxury cars and haute couture are everyday sights, and exclusive parties are the norm. It's a deep dive into a lifestyle where wealth meets Korean cultural flair.

Hosted by the fashion-savvy Cho Saeho, the charismatic BamBam, and Oh My Girl's trendsetter Mimi, and directed by the acclaimed PD Yuh Woon-hyuk, the show promises a stylish, insightful view into opulence.

Coming to Netflix this April, "Super Rich in Korea" is your exclusive look into the hidden, glamorous lives of Korea's ultra-rich. Get ready for an enthralling journey into the pinnacle of luxury and style, uniquely Korean!

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February 20, 2024 3:00am ET by Netflix, Inc.  

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