Go On Time-Traveling Adventures With Bon & Friends In New ‘T・P BON’ Trailer

An ordinary junior high school student encounters the pages of history! A manga by Fujiko F. Fujio gets a new anime series adaptation for the first time in 30 years


Season 1 of the Netflix Series "T・P BON" starts streaming Thursday, May 2, and Season 2 starts streaming Wednesday, July 17, only on Netflix.


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16 April 2024 – The 1978 science fiction manga “Time Patrol Bon” by Fujiko F. Fujio, creator of classics like Doraemon, Perman and Kiteretsu Daihyakka, is coming to life in its first animated series, T・P BON, premiering on May 2. Produced by the renowned BONES (My Hero Academia), the series promises a journey through a magical realm that explores world history.

Meet Bon Namihira (Akihisa Wakayama), an average junior high school student whose life is upended upon meeting Ream Stream (Atsumi Tanezaki), a Time Patrol agent from the future. Under Ream’s guidance, Bon goes on a journey through time with her and the mysterious creature Buyoyon (Mamoru Miyano), aiming to save those who have met untimely deaths while not significantly altering history’s course.

The trailer starts with a shocking moment: Bon’s friend falls from his apartment, leaving the scene stained with blood. Ream Stream, a Time Patrol agent, appears before a bewildered Bon, wearing a futuristic helmet and uniform, and magically rewinds time to before the tragic incident, reversing the fate of Bon’s friend.

When Bon retains his memory of this event, he gets recruited into the “T・P (Time Patrol),” a secret organization dedicated to rescuing individuals who have faced devastating fates throughout history. Together with Ream and Buyoyon, Bon travels to various historical moments, such as the construction of the Egyptian pyramids, feudal Japan, the Persian wars in Greece, and much more.

While Bon initially gets swept up in the thrill of his adventures, he soon finds himself weighed down by the countless tragedies he encounters and develops a genuine desire to help others. The Time Patrol follows strict rules, especially not interfering with deaths that could change history and have a big impact on the world. Despite occasional doubts and failures, Bon, Ream, and their team courageously pursue their mission, navigating the delicate balance between lives that can be saved and those that cannot.

What new adventures lie in store for Bon as he strives to become a permanent member of the Time Patrol? Travel through history on T・P BON, coming to Netflix with its first season on May 2 and the second season on July 17.

Voice Cast

Bon Namihira: Akihisa Wakayama / Ream Stream: Atsumi Tanezaki / Buyoyon: Mamoru Miyano / Yumiko Yasukawa: Tomoyo Kurosawa / Tetsuo Shiraishi: Yoko Hikasa / Yanagisawa: Setsuo Ito / Yoko Shiraki: Saho Shirasu / Gayler: Yasuyuki Kase


Original manga by Fujiko F. Fujio / Director: Masahiro Ando ("Hanasaku Iroha," "Sword of the Stranger") / Music: Michiru Oshima ("The Tatami Galaxy," "Little Witch Academia") Animation Production: Bones / Produced by: Netflix


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