Fryshuset & Netflix Collaborate To Support Tomorrow's Talent In The Film And TV Industry

Aiming to encourage Sweden's young people to enter the film and TV industry


Netflix, Inc.

19 April 2024 – Fryshuset, in partnership with Netflix, is launching the program “Your Way In” aimed at encouraging more young people from across Sweden to enter the film and TV industry. The initiative aims to lower barriers to entry and support an inclusive industry in Sweden.

For young people, it can be challenging to establish themselves in the industry without connections. To address this challenge and other barriers that young people may encounter, Fryshuset, with support from Netflix, is organizing a program for 18-26 year olds, that will spotlight the wide range of behind-the-scenes careers in the film and TV industry. It also aims to build the confidence, aspirations, and networks of young people to show that a career in entertainment is possible regardless of their background. The first event will take place in Stockholm on May 4, followed by similar events in Gothenburg and Helsingborg during the fall.

Karl Champ Moalosi Bjurman, Operations Manager at Fryshuset Production:

"We are excited to collaborate with Netflix to support young people who dream of a future in the film industry. By providing opportunities for education and networking, we hope to open doors to a more inclusive industry where everyone has the opportunity to succeed."

Jenny Stjernströmer Björk, Vice President Content Nordics, Netflix:

“At Netflix, we are incredibly proud and happy to introduce this great collaboration with Fryshuset. Netflix invests in the production of Swedish films and series, but we also want to continue our contribution to the ecosystem by investing in the future of the TV and film industry."

The events will bring together a variety of professionals in the film industry, production companies, and schools. Together, they will contribute their knowledge and experience to support young participants in taking their first steps into the world of film and tv.

For more information about the events and how to participate, visit Fryshuset's website.

Source Netflix, Inc.

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