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24 April 2024 – What would happen if repressing your emotions had a visible consequence? In the world of youth fantasy film My Oni Girl, individuals who hide their true emotions risk transforming into an oni, a mythical demon. The trailer unveils this plot twist and adds a new layer to the story, exploring the consequences of hiding your innermost feelings.

Produced by the acclaimed Studio Colorido, My Oni Girl follows the journey of Hiiragi (Kensho Ono), a boy who can’t say no for fear of being disliked, and Tsumugi (Miyu Tomita), a spirited oni girl who champions self-expression and openly sharing your feelings. As Hiiragi and Tsumugi navigate their unusual friendship, they uncover truths about themselves and the mysterious conditions that turn humans into oni.

Adding to the emotional impact of the film, the trailer features the hauntingly beautiful theme song “Truth in Lies” by ZUTOMAYO. The film will also feature another new track from them called “Blues in the Closet,” set to be revealed later, marking new releases from the artist in nearly a year. With over 2.5 million YouTube subscribers and two billion song plays, ZUTOMAYO is a mysterious band with their lyricist, composer and vocalist ACA-Ne as the only publicly known member. Praised for their unique performances that creatively incorporate analog equipment and even household appliances, they have played solo shows at some of the biggest venues in Japan.

“Being invited back to create music for Studio Colorido's new film was incredibly affirming — it really felt like they trusted my vision,” ACA-Ne shares. “During discussions with Director Shibayama, the phrase ‘Not because somebody told me’ resonated deeply and sparked a vivid image in my mind. Surprisingly, it aligned perfectly with a piece of music I was already developing. The themes of awkward first encounters, life and death, feeling like an outsider, and Shibayama’s kind personality are all intertwined in this song. You'll notice a blank space in the lyrics during the high point of the song — this is intentional. Please watch the film to understand why.”

Director Shibayama also reflects on the creative process. “Meeting with ZUTOMAYO was both meaningful and fun. As we talked, I could see the song forming in ACA-Ne’s mind, which was incredibly exciting. The song they delivered doesn’t just complement our story; it expands on it, reaching out to touch everyone who sees our film. It’s a huge honor to present this film, along with its wonderful soundtrack. I can’t wait for everyone to watch it.”

Don’t miss this magical journey of friendship, self-discovery and the transformative power of expressing emotions in My Oni Girl, streaming globally on Netflix and in theaters across Japan on May 24.


My Oni Girl


Tomotaka Shibayama


Yuko Kakihara, Tomotaka Shibayama

Character Design:

Masafumi Yokota

Character Design Assistant:

Sunao Chikaoka

Color Design:

Miho Tanaka

Art Director:

Kunihiko Inaba

Compositing Director:

Satoshi Machida


Nami Kubota

Sound Director:

Eriko Kimura


Twin Engine/Giggly Box


Twin Engine

Produced by:

Studio Colorido

Release date:

May 24


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