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May 14 - The highly anticipated cast for Season 2 of the hit Korean series Zombieverse has been revealed, following its groundbreaking success in Season 1, which entertained audiences with its unique mix of zombie-themed action and humor. The upcoming season promises an expanded universe and even more thrilling escapades, featuring both new and returning talent ready to navigate the zombie apocalypse with wit and bravery.

New cast members joining Zombieverse Season 2

• CHO SAEHO: Known for his quick wit and humor, CHO SAEHO brings his comedic charm to the zombie universe.

• Defconn: The “hip-hop pigeon” with a strong physical presence is ready to tackle the challenges of Season 2.

• TAEYEON: A multifaceted singer, who dominates both the music and broadcasting scenes, brings her passion for zombie content to the show.

• Yook Sung Jae: This versatile idol excels in singing, acting and variety shows, adding an edge to the cast.

• Code Kunst: A hip-hop artist, who is also a science geek, is set to explore new dimensions of creativity.

• KWON EUNBI: The “it-girl summer queen” whose charm could mesmerize even zombies.

• Kim Seon Tae: Currently running Chungju City’s official YouTube channel, the “Chungju Man” brings a unique local flair to the show.

• Andre Rush: A former White House chef and U.S. Army veteran, known for his formidable presence and culinary prowess.

Returning cast members ready to reclaim the Zombieverse

• Ro Hong-chul: The villain of Season 1, who was thought to be dead, is back and ready to delve deeper into the zombie-infested world with his unmatched strategic mind and dramatic flair.

• Lee Si-young: Known for her strong leadership and resilience, she’s set to navigate the expanded challenges of Season 2.

• DinDin: The action leader with quick decision-making skills, back to face the undead once more.

• Dex: A former special forces operator bringing his tactical expertise back to the forefront.

• TSUKI: Her unshakeable courage and loyalty will make her a key player in the new season.

• YIOMBI PATRICIA: Known for her decisive actions in crises, Patricia returns to tackle the zombie apocalypse with new strategies.

Zombieverse Season 2 expands beyond the streets of Seoul into a larger, more perilous world overrun by zombies. This season introduces upgraded quests, challenging the cast to outsmart and survive against tougher, craftier undead adversaries. With fresh faces joining the seasoned survivors, the show promises an exhilarating blend of suspense, strategy and humor.

The production is once again helmed by Park Jin-kyung (My Little Television) and Moon Sang-don (Welcome, First Time in Korea?) who are directing this reality show’s new chapter.

Stay tuned and get ready to be entertained and hooked to the adventures that await in Zombieverse Season 2, only on Netflix.

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May 15, 2024 2:00am ET by Netflix, Inc.  

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