Crime Thriller ‘The Victims’ Game’ Returns With A Brand New Season on June 21


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After a four-year wait, the highly anticipated crime thriller series, The Victims’ Game, is set to return for a second season on June 21.

The first Chinese-language series to be renewed by Netflix, The Victims’ Game: Season 2 unfolds with a series of unexpected and suspenseful murder cases linked to an incident 15 years ago. The compelling series explores the complex yet highly relatable themes in human relationships, including the importance of belonging and the value of life.

Chang Hsiao-chuan reprises the role of Fang Yi-jen, a forensic detective with Asperger’s syndrome who is placed in the spotlight as a prime suspect. “Fang Yi-jen’s character development has become more complex as he faces many tricky situations,” Chang shares. “This includes mending the estranged relationship with his daughter Hsiao-meng and learning to socialize more to foster a sense of belonging and clear his name. It was a new challenge, both for myself and Fang Yi-jen, and I hope viewers will be excited to see more of his interactions with others in the new season.”

Hsu Wei-ning, who plays bloodthirsty reporter Hsu Hai-yin in the first season, embarks on a new career as she takes on the role of a Public Relations representative for a children’s foundation. Speaking about the career switch, Hsu comments, “In this role, Hai-yin can finally make a meaningful impact on society. She brings many of her journalistic skill sets to her new job, such as her keen eye for detail and inquisitive nature. Bringing Hai-yin’s character transition to life was so much fun.”

Moon Lee returns to action after her memorable and stand-out performance as Fang Yi-jen’s daughter, Chiang Hsiao-meng, in Season 1, which earned her the Best Promising Newcomer in Drama accolade at the 55th Golden Bell Awards. In Season 2, Hsiao-meng becomes a trauma cleaner for a series of brutal crimes, discovering firsthand the value of life — a role that starkly contrasts her previous involvement in a suicide cult where she assisted others in ending their lives. To prepare for this intense role, Lee devoted considerable effort in studying trauma cleaning, and applauded the production team’s art department for constructing hyper-realistic props and sets to help her get into character. “I was genuinely terrified when I first stepped on set as the crime scenes were so real, and this is reflected in my portrayal of Hsiao-meng, who is also new to trauma cleaning,” Lee shares.

Led by executive producer Hank Tseng, producers Phil Tang and Hsu Kuo-lun, and directors David Chuang and Chen Kuan-chung, The Victims’ Game: Season 2 will see the return of cast members Chang Hsiao-chuan, Hsu Wei-ning, Wang Shih-hsien and Moon Lee. The cast will be joined by new international talent, including Taiwanese singer Tarcy Su, who returns to acting after an 11-year hiatus, award-winning Japanese actor Dean Fujioka and Hong Kong actor Lau Chun-him Terrance.

In The Victims’ Game: Season 2, former investigator Fang Yi-jen (Chang Hsiao-chuan) and reporter turned public relations manager Hsu Hai-yin (Hsu Wei-ning) start a new life with his daughter Chiang Hsiao-meng (Moon Lee). However, Fang is embroiled in a series of deaths, becoming a prime suspect. The incidents link back to a murder case he responded to 15 years ago. Prosecutor Chang Keng-hao (Dean Fujioka) doubts Fang and his mentor Lin Ching-jui’s (King Jieh-wen) integrity. Fang collaborates with Detective Chao Cheng-kuan (Wang Shih-hsien) and forensic examiner Hsueh Hsin-ning (Tarcy Su) to uncover the truth and prove his innocence, or he risks losing his relationship with Chiang once again.

Put on your detective hat for the thrilling return of The Victims’ Game. Season 2 premieres June 21, only on Netflix.

About The Victims’ Game: S2

• Directors: David Chuang, Chen Kua-chung
• Executive Producer: Tseng Han-hsien
• Chief Producer: Phil Tang
• Producer: Hsu Kuo-lun
• Head Writer: Chen Cheng-yu
• Cast: Chang Hsiao-chuan, Hsu Wei-ning, Wang Shih-hsien, Tarcy Su, Dean Fujioka, Moon Lee, • • • Lau Chun-him Terrance, Chang Zhang-hsing
• Title Page:

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