Justin Bigart Releases Latest Alt-Rock Single 'Angel'


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Alternative-Rock artist Justin Bigart unveils his latest single ‘Angel’. The track is taken from his ‘Pretty Dopamine Bullets’ album, which combines expansive and haunting cinematic rock tracks with accompanying visuals to craft an immersive audiovisual experience.

With each release labelled as a ‘chapter’ throughout the album, ‘Angel’ is chapter 5. Each chapter tells its own story with the overarching theme centred around the increasing role of ‘cheap dopamine’ in society and the things people do to get that fix. The album is introspective, while also drawing comparisons to wider society.

‘Angel’ continues this theme as it explores loving the wrong person, someone dangerous but intoxicating. As Justin describes it “A beautiful destructive machine, a dopamine queen.” Musically the track takes cues from several touchpoints, most notably Leonard Cohen and Nirvana which creates an interesting musical tapestry that expertly blends gospel choirs with impactful drum lines while utilising spacious production techniques. The result is a rousing alt-rock backdrop that frames Justin Bigart’s haunting vocal performance brilliantly.

Justin Bigart’s music is a reflection of what he loves and where he lives. Alternative rock heavily influenced by Americana and gospel, written from the perspective of a self-proclaimed ‘dopamine addicted heathen in search of redemption’. Having grown up in Montana, Justin currently splits his time between the mountains of Bozeman and the deserts around Joshua Tree, CA. He released his debut album ‘Western Carnival’ in 2021, with chapters 1 through 5 off his current episodic visual album, ‘Pretty Dopamine Bullets’ out now. Justin Bigart looks ahead to next year with the release of further chapters scheduled, culminating in the release of ‘Pretty Dopamine Bullets’.

November 17, 2023 4:43am ET by Next Up Music PR  

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