Post-Punk Band 'Some Days Are Darker' Release Latest Single 'Downpour'


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Post-punk/Alternative Rock band ‘Some Days Are Darker’ have released their latest single ‘Downpour’. Based out of Phoenix, USA, and headed by frontman Lear Mason, ‘Some Days Are Darker’ has gained a reputation for marrying visual themes of gothic romance with the tension of noir cinema to create a backdrop to their expressive sound that offers fans a unique immersive audiovisual experience.

Their latest single ‘Downpour’ exemplifies this style, backed by driving guitar lines, explosive drum beats and Lear’s brooding vocal performance, the track centres around themes of conviction, romance and destruction. Speaking on the track further Lear states "Downpour was written out of a sense of urgency. It’s about fighting for what you believe in and never relenting.”

With its angsty anthemic chorus’ and moody aesthetic, the band have crafted an accompanying music video that fits beautifully with their ethos of creating art that shows the contrasts of life, like razor-sharp shadows against the heat of burning passions—the very existence of ‘Some Days Are Darker’s’ music offer meaning to the contrasting, all-consuming blackness.

The creative progeny of former metalcore guitarist turned singer-songwriter, Lear Mason, Some Days Are Darker is a showcase for powerful, emotive lyricism that dredges the deepest recesses of the self, bringing forth expressions of love, lust and longing that slumber Lovecraftian beneath the surface. Mason’s compositions draw comparisons with moody alternative rock icons such as Depeche Mode, Placebo, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club but subvert those acts’ stadium-sized bombast in favour of an intoxicating intimacy. The result is a form of smouldering voyeurism that draws the listener in close but never breaks the fourth wall, keeping the romantic tensions just out of reach like phantoms flickering upon the silver screen.

With previous releases garnering attention from notable music sites such as New Noise Magazine and Vents Magazine, along with a growing fanbase captivated by their live performances across Arizona and beyond, ‘Some Days Are Darker’, looks to expand their audience with the release of ‘Downpour’, bringing their brand of monochrome tinged post-punk to new heights.

December 5, 2023 8:31am ET by Next Up Music PR  

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