Americana-Rock Band ZIM Releases Latest Single 'The Day She Left Him'


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Americana-Rock band ZIM releases their latest single ‘The Day She Left Him’, taken from their upcoming album ‘Go’. Rochester, NY, based three-piece comprises of ‘Zim’ (Mike Zimmerman), on guitar; Eddie Zimmerman on guitar; and percussionist, Matt Cossman.

Their latest single, ‘The Day She Left Him,’ centres around the pivotal moment in a dependent relationship when -- after a history of starts, stops, and compromises -- when one person fights the temptation to “stick it out” and watches the other leave officially for the last time. The track depicts the challenging moment from the vantage point of a guy, in this case, who recalls in real-time how he’s capitulated in past breakups. But not this time.

Zim explains the track further stating “The Day She Left Him is a tale of a guy overcoming the temptation to stay in a bad relationship simply to maintain the comfort of the status quo. It's a song that captures the realization of the moment: as he closes the door behind his departing partner, a scary new world of empowerment and anxiety opens.”

The track is taken from their upcoming album ‘GO’. The 7-track offering sees the band navigate through an eclectic range of sounds that touch on elements from blues rock, Americana, folk and honky-tonk, behind a backdrop of stories that speak about love and lovers - people eager to get and stay together, and those who want the exact opposite. “GO is a fantastic word. With only two letters, it can mean so many things when the “G” comes first: Go ahead and fall in love; Go, just leave!; Please don’t go!; and, I gotta go!” explains Zim on the meaning behind the album name. The album was recorded at Mammoth Recording Studios
in Buffalo, N.Y.

ZIM has released a steady stream of records since their inception in 2019, garnering the band a dedicated fanbase, amassing over 80,000 streams across Spotify in 2023 and receiving recognition from radio outlets such as KALX, WMFT and Hermit Radio to name a few. Their ability to incorporate different styles and genres into their music makes ZIM’s back catalogue a diverse listening experience, from protest songs to Americana-Rock and everything in between ZIM has cultivated a style that’s not bound by genres. With their recent release ‘The Day She Left Him’ and subsequent album ‘GO’, ZIM looks to continue this trend as they continue to grow their fanbase.

December 14, 2023 11:33am ET by Next Up Music PR  

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