Leo Wood Takes Listeners Into The Heart Of Nature With Her Live Version Of ‘Venus’


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After huge online success for their collaborative single ‘Venus’, taken from Alpha Rhythm’s debut album, ‘The Planets,’ Leo Wood revisits the track for a live performance in Morroco’s stunning Paradise Valley. Alongside the track, Wood reveals a captivating video that elevates the otherworldly aesthetic that is ‘Venus.’

Leo Wood feeds listeners desire for big hooks, deep soul and ethereal flow. Having gained a reputation for her distinctive songwriting and vocal delivery, Wood has established herself as a favourite amongst fans of electronic music, consistently releasing unforgettable hits on some of the most iconic underground labels including Anjuna Deep, Defected and Hospital Records. With a characteristic flare for unique and often moving lyricism, Wood’s music transcends the boundaries of any singular genre, crafting records that can be admired by an array of audiences.

Most people imagine dance music being performed in front of bustling crowds, in clubs or at festivals - not up canyons, volcanoes or across deserts... But UK artist Leo Wood has been travelling to remote places to record her songs and create visually inspiring videos which celebrate her releases in incredible natural spaces, combining a love of adventure and euphoric tunes.

Her music feels at home in these extreme and vibrant environments and her videos create a refreshing and memorable way for her music to be enjoyed. Leo is a songwriter and recording artist who enjoys ‘moving outside the box’ and represents the small percentage of women creating dance music. Often traveling with her family in two, Leo explores and bends the pre conceptions of family life and has fun with her art. Her performances are getting more ‘ambitious’ the latest taking place in Morocco’s Paradise Valley where she has trekked for 1 hour with her videographer partner Dan Mackinnon and all the equipment up to record way off the beaten track, live within a canyon. This latest track Venus - in collaboration with Alpha Rhythm and Villem, is the first video of 3 to be filmed in this incredibly beautiful country.

Reflecting on the performance, Wood states “The live version of Venus was created using samples and trigger machines which give freedom to improvise within the boundaries of the song. We (The Beat n’ Track and I) hiked the gear up the river bed of a canyon, with a table… and set up before the midday sun. We went on to film the performance to the few hikers and the unexpected cliff edge audience using a handheld camera and a drone. The drone is amazing, it’s incredibly satisfying seeing the final video come together and realising how remote or truly epic your surroundings are. The environment definitely inspires my performance and here in Paradise Valley felt very atmospheric and was the perfect place for Venus. Venus is both about overcoming your challenges and being within epic, mountainous skylines. I think everyone who heard us felt touched by the vibes and loved the chance encounter.”

With previous success on Spotify’s editorial playlists traversing Drum & Bass, House, Melodic house, Techno (and soon Nu Disco) and support from across the BBC Radio Network and Kiss FM, Leo Wood is on the rise to becoming the next big name in dance music. You can catch Leo Wood live on the Aria Tour on the 10th and 11th of May at the London Outernet and New Century (Manchester) respectively and with a visa in motion, US dates to follow. Follow Leo Wood across social media for the latest updates.

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