Pacific Northwest Rock Band, Silk Letdown Unleashes Their Electrifying Debut Single ‘Big Blue’


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Loud, rambunctious and funky to the last beat, Silk Letdown aims to rejuvenate the music scene of the Pacific Northwest with their debut Single ‘Big Blue.’ With high-energy riffs and catchy melodies, Silk Letdown dials everything to 11 and takes us on a journey back into the golden age of alt-rock, combining a 90s / 00s grunge aesthetic with some incredible modern musicianship.

Having written the lyrics on a flight back from Australia, Pierce of Silk Letdown had this to say- “I wanted to capture the essence and beauty of Big Sur in an imagery-driven song while also personifying the coastal range as an elegant and beautiful woman in a way similar to how we say “Mother Earth” or “Gaia.” The whole song came together in my head very effortlessly which does not always happen, but when it does, it feels magical. Once I got home to my guitar, it sounded exactly how I’d imagined and I filled in the verses with a groove that was mostly inspired by Facelift (Alice in Chains) which I was listening to a lot at the time. Some songs you write and love because they were challenging or took a long time to come together. For me, I love Big Blue because of how naturally and easily it came together. It just felt right due to the inspiration and appreciation for life and music I felt at the time.”

Fans of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Incubus and Stone Temple Pilots will enjoy the wall-to-wall high-velocity experience that is Silk Letdown, whose style incorporates a variety of genres from Jazz and Blues to West Coast Prog Rock. However, the accessibility of Silk Letdown is not to be underestimated. There is something for everyone with this band, and ‘Big Blue’ stands as a testament to their ability to cross genres and blend a variety of styles into a concoction of pure head-thrashing fun.

With plans to make 2024 their biggest year yet, Silk Letdown is getting ready to hit the road to promote their new single. Follow their socials for the latest updates

April 19, 2024 7:06am ET by Next Up Music PR  

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