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Normani slays at The Billboard Music Awards: "Life's good"

Normani slayed the Billboard Music Awards last night (May 21) when she performed 'Love Lies' with Khalid at the Las Vegas event.

Prior to taking to the stage, the Fifth Harmony member spoke to Billboard about how she prepared for the show, she said: "I listened to gospel music this morning. It’s a Sunday, it’s a beautiful Sunday, I’m in Vegas. I get to perform with one of my best friends. Life’s good.

“Honestly, it’s just so surreal. I think that this is his [Khalid’s], probably his first time performing at Billboard, as well as mine as a solo artist. I’m not used to not having my girls next to me, but I know that they’re with me in spirit.”

Opening up out Fifth Harmony's last show in Florida on May 11, she said: "We've been together for the last six years, that's all we've even known. So, to now be thrown, I guess, just as a solo artist and all eyes are on you - it's definitey something you have to get used to.

But I think that everything that we’ve done, especially considering I didn’t even know those girls existed six years ago, so everything that we accomplished. I don’t think it should be anything sad, you know. It’s not a disappointment.”

Normani's new music will be coming out this summer it will have: "Alot of dope collaborations, i'm not going to give anything away. I could say I may be the only vocal."

Normani and Camila Cabello reunited offstage at the event last night and the occasion was marked with a photo uploaded onto Twitter (see profile pic). 

Cabello won the Billboard Chart Achievement Award.

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