lilac frog shares double single release 'blood in the water' & 'never change'


Olivia Rayner

Blood in the Water is the latest double-single from lilac frog, two tracks with contrasting moods but focusing on the same overall themes of friendships and relationships, specifically past or soured relationships, probably an unfortunately relatable topic for most listeners, but written and produced in such a way that makes the topics approachable and exciting to listen to.

The title track delves into the emotional turmoil that accompanies a failing friendship, something close to Harri from past experiences. Honest and evocative lyrics paint a vivid picture of feeling like "the blood in the water" — constantly noticed, yet never truly understood or supported; purely prey for the predators (friends who don't care as much as they should) surrounding you. The song is written to be a dark, moody yet grooving tune suitable for fans of alt-pop musicians like Halsey, Lorde, Lana Del Rey and similar.

"Never Change" is the B-side, it's a bit catchier, a bit lighter and a bit more tongue-in-cheek. Set to an electronic pop beat inspired by modern R&B and latin beats, this track explores the aftermath of a failed relationship, telling the story from the eyes of a third party, dissecting the mistakes made by a friend's ex-partner towards them. Still authentic, a true story about a friend going through a tough relationship, where everybody could see his ex's faults aside from him, and the song is an outlet for all these emotions... and since then he's got back with his ex again so the song just hasn't worked for him (yet!) We'll see what he thinks once the world has heard it! ;)


lilac frog is the electronic and pop project of indie producer-artist Harri Hocking from Britain. This moniker releases quirky and eccentric releases (as the name may suggest!), based upon his biggest inspirations of nature and associating sound with colour. Aiming to always create something relatable, with authenticity and honesty at the heart of all releases, lilac frog's quirky yet familiar productions keep listeners coming back for more every time.

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August 26, 2023 5:08pm ET by Olivia Rayner  

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