common goldfish releases electrifying new single ‘Tottenham Ritzy’ celebrating London’s dance scene


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common goldfish (the moniker of musician and producer Jonty Lovell) is becoming a dynamic musical force known for blending genres and evoking nostalgia. The artist is back with a sensational new single that pays homage to London’s iconic early ‘80s and late ‘90s rave culture. Inspired by an interview featuring hardcore DJ Slipmatt reminiscing about those glory days, the track pays homage to an old nightclub in the heart of North London.

The track, aptly titled ‘Tottenham Ritzy’, is a tribute to the spirit of a bygone era that once ruled the dance floors across the country, capturing the infectious energy, vibrant beats, and euphoria that defined the time.

“I remember hearing this interview and hearing Slipmatt talk about the Tottenham Ritzy. My ears immediately perked up, then after a quick google search found out a lot more about this venue, which only streets away from where I live, seemed to have such an iconic impact on London rave culture in the 80s and 90s. To be honest as a local artist, there wasn’t much of a thought process after that. I just felt compelled to make a track and share the story of the venue, and this is what it ended up being. It still sits in the same world as other common goldfish but I want the breakdown to transport people to the Ritzy. I want them to feel the sweat dripping from the ceiling!”, shares common goldfish.

“Sadly, the venue has since been demolished to make space for flats. It’s such a shame lots of venues like this no longer exist. They seemed to provide a sense of community for lots of people, which somewhat seems to be lacking today.”

Whilst the track is very much inspired by rave music, it combines multiple genres and elements to create a groove familiar with the common goldfish sound. It also features Lovell’s close friend and artist Dabieh with an impactful vocal hook.

Speaking about this collaboration, common goldfish says, “It just made sense to get him on the track. He’s super talented and can always harness the vibe. His vocal delivery brought so much energy and it’s a lot of fun working creatively with your mates. I’m really excited to release the first collaborative single for common goldfish because it definitely won’t be the last.”

‘Tottenham Ritzy’ boasts an infectious, upbeat rhythm, expertly blending funk-infused basslines and an irresistible piano topline that harks back to the golden age of rave. The track is a vivid portrayal of the euphoria and unity experienced on the dancefloor. common goldfish’s production prowess shines through as the old school rave spirit is masterfully merged with a fresh, contemporary grit.

Following the single will be a music video, which follows a character’s quest to find the nightclub, after watching a clip of some dancers at the Ritzy. The video features footage from VHS camcorders set in iconic places across Tottenham. These visuals aim to highlight the social and cultural importance of protecting UK nightlife.

Source Olivia Rayner

November 16, 2023 8:26am ET by Olivia Rayner  

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