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Today, GRAMMY® Award-winning, multi-platinum recording artist and international superstar, Ariana Grande releases a new version of her critically acclaimed album, "eternal sunshine (slightly deluxe)", out now. Listen to "eternal sunshine (slightly deluxe)" via Republic Records. LISTEN BELOW

The new "eternal sunshine (slightly deluxe)" features four additional songs including brand new releases, 'supernatural (feat. troye sivan)', 'imperfect for you (acoustic)', 'true story (acapella)', and previously released 'yes, and? (feat. mariah carey)'.

On Friday, "eternal sunshine" immediately topped the charts and became Spotify’s most-streamed album in a single day in 2024 so far. The album also features the chart topping single 'yes, and?', which debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and marked Ariana Grande’s eighth #1 and twenty-first Top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100.

Ariana appeared on Saturday Night Live as musical guest, performing 'we can’t be friends (wait for your love)' and 'imperfect for you'.

"eternal sunshine" was instantly met with rave reviews upon release including:

“5-Stars, Instant Classic” - Rolling Stone

“Critic’s Pick” – NY Times

“4-Stars” – The Guardian

“4-stars” – NME

“4-Stars” – The Telegraph

“Ariana Grande Spins Heartbreak Into Gold on ‘Eternal Sunshine’” – NY Times

“Eternal Sunshine” is awash in lavish atmosphere, adventurous melodies and an emotional weight that brings a new sophistication to Grande’s songcraft.” – NY Times

“This is one of Grande’s most meticulously crafted and texturally consistent releases” – NY Times

““Eternal Sunshine” is a pop album so full of imaginative sonic details” – NY Times

“Ariana Grande is Gorgeously Exposed on ‘Eternal Sunshine’” - Rolling Stone

“[Grande] navigates a new beginning with some of the most honest and inventive music of her career” - Rolling Stone

“The final four songs on Eternal Sunshine are some of the strongest of Grande’s career.” – Rolling Stone

““We Can’t Be Friends (Wait for Your Love)” is as perfect as a big pop anthem can get.” – Rolling Stone

“Ariana Grande triumphs over heartbreak on seventh studio album” – Associated Press

“For the listener, it is a treat.” – Associated Press

“Grande has released yet another strong R&B-pop record.. with her range front and center.” – Associated Press

“Yes, and it is worth a few listens.” – Associated Press

“Ariana Grande Lights Up the Sky With ‘Eternal Sunshine’” – Billboard

“Grande sounds emboldened through elapsed time and newfound wisdom, and more uncompromising than ever in her lyrics and aesthetic.” – Billboard

“Eternal Sunshine is an extended dive into the psyche of a generational talent who’s only getting more thoughtful, and better, with time.” – Billboard

“Eternal Sunshine is Grande’s incredibly vulnerable reflection on the personal (and artistic!) growth she experienced” – Billboard

“Ariana Grande is finding her light with her new album, Eternal Sunshine” – Billboard

“If it felt like her last couple of albums represented finding her voice as an artist, now she’s really found it.” – Variety

“Grande has become even more of a virtuoso singer… using nuance and her complex, interlocking, multi-tracked vocals to create texture and intimacy. But what that voice is singing has grown just as much as how she’s singing it.” – Variety

“She’s not only a virtuoso singer but a skilled vocal arranger and producer whose multitracked backing voices are like songs on their own, embellishing and responding to her lead like a troupe of attuned dancers” – Variety

““We Can’t Be Friends,” a tearjerker of a pop song if ever there was one and arguably the emotional core of the album.” – Variety

“a true coming-of-age album — a snapshot of an ideal of love that seems like a fairy tale, but is still worth reaching for.” – Variety

“The album is filled with introspective lyrics and chill-pop beats perfect for sad-dancing, whether at the club or in your room” – Vogue

“Her relatability and candour … is what makes listening to Grande’s music often feel like catching up with an old friend, or like a form of therapy.” – Vogue

“as usual, the pop singer has delivered” – Vogue

“Grande wipes away the tears and tackles the big questions of adult life with maturity, compassion – and delicious gossip” – The Guardian

“It’s the most sophisticated project yet from a preternaturally talented vocalist who keeps getting better” – NME

“What actually shouldn’t be overlooked is how great the music of Eternal Sunshine is as a testament to Grande and Martin still being one pop’s most unbeatable duos, and Grande’s own clever directing” – NYLON

“Eternal Sunshine is absolutely riveting: a poptimist’s dream that is so purely committed to delivering a good time and so strategically shrouded, it almost feels impenetrable” – NYLON

“The pop star is unbeatable on Eternal Sunshine” – NYLON

“Eternal Sunshine features some of her best, most honest, work yet.” – Teen Vogue

“Grande is a deeply talented arranger and producer in her own right. The harmonies — all of which are built from her own voice — are airtight. She knows her craft inside and out, and [“we can’t be friends (wait for your love)”] serves as a crystal-clear encapsulation of her partnership with Max Martin.” – Consequence

“Ariana Grande has made her ethereal return to Earth” – Hypebeast

“eternal sunshine finds Grande melding pop, house and R&B influences from all eras of music – infusing each of the project’s distinct tracks with introspection and reflection.” – Hypebeast

“Every song on Eternal Sunshine is an instant Ariana Grande classic, full of deeply personal lyrics and emotion.” – Cosmopolitan

“the pop star is providing us with bops all around” – Cosmopolitan

“Eternal Sunshine is Ariana Grande…at her very best” – Out

“eternal sunshine is about grappling with everything that happened in a relationship: the beautiful, the devastating, the what-ifs, and, yes, your own fuck ups. No rewriting history, you can only bask in it – and learn from it.” – Out

“Ariana Grande grows and glitters on 'eternal sunshine'” – Audacy

“eternal sunshine is Grande’s gorgeously honest” – Audacy

“Whether it’s self-renewal or a romantic one, Grande’s seventh studio set is the kind of spring awakening that we could all use in the final days of winter.” – New York Post

"eternal sunshine (slightly deluxe)" Tracklisting:

intro (end of the world)
don’t wanna break up again
saturn returns interlude
eternal sunshine
true story
the boy is mine
yes, and?
we can’t be friends (wait for your love)
i wish i hated you
imperfect for you
ordinary things (feat. nonna)
supernatural (feat. troye sivan)
imperfect for you (acoustic)
true story (acapella)
yes, and? (feat. mariah carey)

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