Kristi Jacques Releases Second Single "Head Above Water" from "The Nashville Sessions"


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Renowned singer-songwriter Kristi Jacques has once again captivated fans and music enthusiasts with the release of her highly anticipated second single, "Head Above Water." The emotionally charged track is the latest addition to her extraordinary album, "The Nashville Sessions," and hit the airwaves on Friday, July 14th.

"Head Above Water" takes listeners on a poignant journey through the complexities of a troubled relationship. Jacques' raw and heartfelt lyrics beautifully depict a couple enduring a tumultuous period after mistakes have been made. With one person desperately pleading for forgiveness and a second chance, the song perfectly captures the universal struggle of love and redemption.

The Myrtle beach-based artist, known for her soulful vocals and masterful storytelling, once again showcases her exceptional songwriting skills in "Head Above Water." With a carefully crafted melody that complements the lyrics' emotional depth, Jacques effortlessly connects with her audience, drawing them into the world of the song and making them feel every ounce of its intensity.

"The Nashville Sessions," a project close to Jacques' heart, is a testament to her evolution as an artist.

Having garnered widespread acclaim and loyal fans with her debut single, "Better Late Than Never," Jacques continues to solidify her presence in the music scene. With her soul-stirring performances and authentic storytelling, she has garnered attention from critics and industry professionals alike.

"Head Above Water" is now available for streaming and download on all major music platforms.

July 20, 2023 4:00am ET by Olivia Long PR  

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