Reuben Reuel Unveils Dynamic Remix of Debut Single "Slow"


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Renowned artist Reuben Reuel is set to captivate audiences once again with the release of the remix to his debut single, "Slow." Originally launched on 4/17/20, "Slow" marked a significant milestone in Reuben Reuel's musical journey, serving as his introduction to streaming platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify.

The song, which emerged at the onset of the COVID shutdown, became a poignant reflection of the challenges faced during that period. "Slow" embodies the sentiment of feeling stuck and not progressing as desired, yet maintaining an inner drive to persevere. Reuben Reuel shares, "The song was written before lockdown, but it soon became a reality as we were quite literally not able to go anywhere. It symbolizes the struggle of feeling stagnant but having that internal flame pushing you forward."

In celebration of the transformative journey since the original release, Reuben Reuel unveils a captivating remix that breathes new life into "Slow." The remix, a creation by the talented Janelovesu!, not only accelerates the tempo but introduces fresh vocals and lyrics, offering a unique and evolved listening experience.

The cover art for the remix serves as a visual homage to the original, showcasing a side-by-side comparison that highlights the artist's personal and artistic growth. "I wanted to commemorate where I was with where I am now. My appearance has changed, and my experience in life differs from that time in my life," Reuben Reuel explains.

The original production of "Slow" was skillfully crafted by Cheap Limousine, with mixing and mastering handled by Nich 'S!lky' Jones. The remix undergoes the same meticulous mastering process by Nich 'S!lky' Jones, ensuring a seamless blend of old and new elements.

Reuben Reuel's remix of "Slow" promises to be a sonic journey, offering listeners a reimagined perspective on the artist's inaugural musical venture. "Slow" is now available on major streaming platforms.


Reuben Reuel is a multi-disciplinary artist, but music is his soul.
It didn’t start with music, however. With an original background in TV/Film, he got his start on episodes of Sesame Street, and began taking professional acting classes under Sharon Richardson at Weiss Barron, and summer classes at the Fairmount Performing Arts Center in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Off Broadway credits include productions of Oliver, Children of Eden, and Grapes of Wrath.

An alumnus of Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School, colloquially known as the 'Fame' school, he studied under many professional actors and coaches such as Sandy Faison, Harry Shifman, and Todd Susman. During this time, he performed an off-broadway showcase at the Daryl Roth Theater under the direction of Joe Barros, and had a role in the play 'A Flea in Her Ear,' co-directed by Jon Davidson and Ally Sheedy at LaGuardia High School.

Graduating in 2014, he continued his training at The New School until 2018, studying under the coaches of Zishan Ugurlu, Cecelia Rubino, Elena McGhee, and Neil Greenberg, closing out his time with a capstone project identifying the nuances of racism and prejudice towards BIPOC in the 1960s juxtaposed with present-day societal norms, highlighted by the experiences posed in the 1964 play Dutchman by Amiri Baraka (formerly known as LeRoi Jones.)

Growing up in a musical family, his music leads with versatility, not necessarily ascribing to one specific sound. His first EP, Inertia, was released in October 2020, leading with the song 'Slow,' and an accompanying music video for 'Talking My Shit.' It is currently available on all streaming platforms here. His new project, Odyssey, releases April 7th, and includes close collaborators such as Nich ‘S!lky’ Jones, Zach Wolf, JaneLovesU!, SHUAH, Mister JT, Aja Adam, and more.

His more recent work expands outside of just music and film. As a side passion, he has done photography and retouching work, photography for engagement proposals, the Soho Design Arts District, socials for Phantom Fit, The New School, and more. Other work includes Assistant Director work for music videos such as Selfish - Lillimure; artist talks and curatorial efforts with Nikki Williams, B. Hawk Snipes; showcase hosting with local underground artists such as the Cureraiders; social media collaborations with Oscar Massin Jewelry, Hemp Hop, CLCKR, Ursa Live, and more.

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