Elexa Dawson Set To Launch Sophomore Album "Wanderlust" on February 2

Lead Single "Answer" Earns Rotation on North American College and Community Chart


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Prepare for a celestial musical experience as Elexa Dawson unveils her highly anticipated sophomore album, "Wanderlust," slated for release on February 2, 2024. The album's lead single, "Answer," has already secured a coveted spot on rotation via the North American College and Community Chart.

Nestled within the red dirt country hills of Oklahoma, Elexa Dawson and the acclaimed Stanley Hotel embarked on a visionary collaboration, crafting what can only be described as a sonic spaceship named "Wanderlust." Reviewed as "a soul-stirring journey through earth and sky," the album invites listeners to explore uncharted realms through its captivating songs.

From the inaugural track's exploration of the outer limits of human experience to the final guided meditation conveying a message from the ancestors, "Wanderlust" stands as an epic odyssey worthy of the finest traveling shoes. Each song serves as a unique stop on this musical tour, gathering sentiments of loneliness, love, connection, and completion. Whether dancing with the transient and the lovers in "Rainbows," getting "High on the Street," or contemplating life under the southwestern sky with the poignant "Lonely Coyote," every moment resonates with the depth of the human experience.

Elexa Dawson's return to her Oklahoma roots for recording at Remote Records, the experimental laboratory of Stanley Hotel members Adam Stanley, Isaac Nelson, and Doug Swindell, underscores the organic collaboration between the artists. With mutual admiration at the core of their sonic choices, Stanley Hotel’s earthy soundscape perfectly supports Elexa’s vocal prowess. As both parties contribute astute compositions, the album maintains its cohesion by invoking nature's spirits while playfully exploring the ether and always grounding itself back in the dirt.

"Wanderlust" marks Elexa's sophomore release following her debut album, "Music is Medicine," in 2019. The collaboration with Stanley Hotel showcases their multi-genre style and eclectic musicality, evident in releases such as "Samson Mammoth" and "The Wolf Told Me." Elexa's vocal quality, described by Raye Zaragoza as cutting right to the soul, blends seamlessly with Stanley Hotel's unique style, creating a magical and expansive listening experience.

The album is set for streaming release on February 2, 2024, offering listeners the opportunity to embark on their own enchanting musical journey through the captivating landscapes of "Wanderlust."

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