Sandra-Mae Lux Set To Release New Single "Where Your Heart Rests"

A Powerful Departure from Her Usual Genre


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Renowned musician Sandra-Mae Lux is proud to announce the release of her latest single, "Where Your Heart Rests," a captivating folk/singer-songwriter track that marks a significant departure from her usual soul/disco/funk repertoire. With poignant lyrics and soul-stirring harmonies, this acoustic ballad delves into the profound concept of home and its evolving meaning in our lives.

In "Where Your Heart Rests," Sandra-Mae Lux invites listeners to walks a road where home means more than just a backyard and a white picket fence. Homeward bound.

Departing from the traditional notions of home as a physical place, the song delves into the emotional landscape where memories, connections, and aspirations intersect. Drawing inspiration from musical legends such as Joni Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot, and James Taylor, Sandra-Mae Lux crafts a beautifully arranged piece that resonates with depth and authenticity, and produced by legendary JUNO Award-Winning producer Chris SD.

"This song feels like an instant classic," says Lux. "It's a reflection on the essence of home and the journey to find where your heart truly rests, even when the familiar landscapes of childhood no longer exist."

Sandra-Mae Lux's musical prowess is evident throughout "Where Your Heart Rests." With a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies on Saxophone, Lux has graced prestigious stages, including the Ottawa Jazz Festival, where she shared the spotlight with renowned artists such as Robert Glasper, Herbie Hancock, and Dave Brubeck. Her accolades include nominations as Best UK Artist in the 2020 Bright Star Awards and Jazz Artist of the Year in the Boisdales Music Awards presented by Jools Holland.

Additionally, Lux is a winner of both the UK Songwriting Contest and the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, and a runner-up in the World Songwriting Awards.

"Where Your Heart Rests" serves as a preview of Sandra-Mae Lux's upcoming second studio album, set to be released in 2024. With its evocative lyrics, heartfelt melodies, and mesmerizing vocals, the single promises to captivate audiences and solidify Lux's position as a dynamic force in the music industry. The song will be available on all digital platform on May 10, 2024.

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About Sandra-Mae Lux:

Sandra-Mae Lux is a multi-award winning versatile musician known for her soulful performances and captivating songwriting. With a diverse musical background and a passion for exploration, Lux pushes boundaries and creates music that resonates deeply with audiences worldwide. From soul and disco to folk and singer-songwriter, Sandra-Mae Lux continues to evolve as an artist, captivating listeners with her unique sound and heartfelt storytelling.

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