The UK’s Most Improbable Band Rally to Save London’s Most Iconic Punk Venue



It’s no exaggeration to say that Rock n Roll Suicidez have one of most improbable line-ups of any band in the UK. Proto-punk bassist OPG is a part-time poet; American guitarist Kyle exudes rockabilly sensibilities; Paul digs deep on down-the-line rock rhythm guitar; nearly 11-years since transitioning, Transwoman drummer Antonia pummels out her tribal drum patterns in a unique style and autistic singer Sharne’s thrillingly assertive vocals combining to create a sound which echoes the sound of punk past but with an energy and style which fits perfectly in today’s musical climate. Having performed for a number of years at London’s iconic 100 Club, site of some of the most seismic gigs of the 70s punk era, they have this year dedicated the takings from their forthcoming annual show to the venue itself, with spiralling rents on Oxford Street threatening its very existence.

Rock n Roll Suicidez forthcoming EP is entitled Spectrum, also the title of the first single to be culled from it. Appropriately, the lyrics discusses Sharne’s autism, a condition which touches the lives of so many but one which has actually helped to hone her skills as a vocal force, the condition giving her a unique ear for melody. Other tracks include the punk masterclass, Selfie, a withering critique of the seemingly never-ending obsession; Refugee, based on a documentary based on a Syrian refugee filming his struggles to settle in the UK on his phone and Caller Unknown, a track which focuses on finding love online.

Having already sold out their fundraiser at the 100 Club (also featuring Penetration and The Vibrators), Rock n Roll Suicidez hope their support for small yet vital venues spreads nationwide, highlighting the need to support those who give so many bands a chance to get their music heard.

June 28, 2019 8:59am ET by WeLoveMusic247  

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