Superfilm and Sky Studios resume shooting for Ich und die Anderen in Austria



Filming restarted under COVID-19-safe guidelines

Series produced by Superfilm Filmproduktions GmbH on behalf of Sky Studios

Cast includes renowned German stars: Tom Schilling, Mavie Hörbiger, Katharina Schüttler, Sophie Rois, Martin Wuttke, Michael Maertens and Lars Eidinger

David Schalko serves as showrunner, John Lueftner is Producer for Superfilm and Quirin Schmidt is Executive Producer for Sky Deutschland

Sky Original, Ich und die Anderen, (Me and the Others in English) resumed production in Austria this week, after suspending shooting due to COVID-19 in mid-March.

The restart in Vienna, under strict COVID-19-safe guidelines as set out in Austrian regulations, marks the first Sky Original and Sky Studios show to return to production. Only five days of a total of 62 shoot days were initially completed in March.

The Sky Original Ich und die Anderen is produced by Superfilm Filmproduktions GmbH on behalf of Sky Studios. The showrunner is David Schalko, well known for his success series Braunschlag, Altes Geld and M - Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder. Producers are John Lueftner from Superfilm, Executive Producer at Sky is Quirin Schmidt.

In addition to lead actor Tom Schilling (Oh Boy, Die Goldfische), the show will feature well-known German stars Mavie Hörbiger (What A Man), Katharina Schüttler (Die Welt der Wunderlichs), Sophie Rois (Die Manns), Martin Wuttke (Tatort, Babylon Berlin), Michael Maertens (Vorsicht vor Leuten) and Lars Eidinger (Babylon Berlin). The six-part series is expected to launch in spring 2021.

Marcus Ammon, Director Original Productions Sky Deutschland: "I would like to thank our producer John Lueftner, our showrunner David Schalko and their entire team, as well as all of our cast for bringing to completion with great verve and renewed enthusiasm what began so promisingly in March. We are very pleased that the Austrian Federal Government, with its Comeback for Film and Television initiative, is making it possible to go back into production.”

John Lueftner, Producer Superfilm: added: “It is a great relief to be able to work again - for us and for all filmmakers in Austria. The three-zone working concept is performing, the artistic-creative process on set can take place without any significant corona restrictions.”


About Ich und die Anderen

Ich und die Anderen is the story of a character (Tom Schilling) who struggles with himself and the world and is allowed to reshuffle the cards in each of the six episodes. But: What happens if the others suddenly behave the way we want them to? What happens to the "I" if the relationship is constantly changing anew as a result, if new constellations with "the others" keep emerging, which inevitably escalate? Ich und die Anderen is a series of funny and tragic discourses. A new narrative in the jungle of serial diversity. A surreal trip through the minefields of identity and ego. Perhaps even a genre that does not yet exist in this form.

In addition to showrunner David Schalko and producer John Lueftner, Quirin Schmidt serves as Executive Producer at Sky Deutschland. The exclusive broadcast of the series on Sky is scheduled for spring 2021.

About Austrian COVID-19 Labour Regulations

These include general protective measures such as the wearing of masks to protect the mouth and nose, physical distancing on set, frequent hand washing and disinfection, as well as the establishment of a permanent hygiene station: where temperatures are checked and masks, gloves and disinfectants are dispensed.

Work on film and television productions is divided into three zones.

Zone Three contains regulations for employees who work within the production office, vehicle fleet, material store and catering, amongst others.

Zone Two comprises the regulations for the direction, camera, sound and lighting crew as well as set design and props.

Zone One is the closed-set, a protected, negative-tested pool of actors, director, cameraman and other some other crew, as required. These employees - always in groups of five - are PCR-tested twice every two days and isolated from the rest of the team. Before and after the end of shooting, these employees remain isolated in a spirit of solidarity and self-responsibility.


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June 10, 2020 10:24am ET by SKY  

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