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UK progressive house artist and London based DJ, Law Mark draws on his past experiences within a wide variety of musical genres in order to bring a unique sound to the table.

Having a past playing in melodic hardcore bands and a background producing instrumentals for rap genres, this producer also lends his ear to the material of underground artists in order to help develop their sound.

Following his first single release in October 2020, Law Marks aims to establish his name within the EDM industry, with his unique style and fresh perspective on musicality.

"Say Something" is a sound for the day dreamers and chill out lovers. This track follows a light sound production with subtle percussion layering, building the intensity of the instrumentation throughout. The vocal sampling floats effortlessly through the song and touches the senses of the listener, bringing them into a nostalgic space.

To paint the picture of the song further, it represents a calming space that is reminiscent of a holiday beach setting or a location that people are truly relaxed in and are feeling free of the drags of mundane everyday life. "Say Something" represents freedom, positive thinking, with no awareness of the negatives around you. It's being fully devoted to a person, a cause or a moment with no hesitation.

This track took 3 weeks to fully compose, during the second lockdown period in the UK, in the city of London. I can see this song being a solid repeat listen choice and a gem that people will rediscover in their saved library over years to come. A song that comes on from a shuffled playlist and isn't skipped.

March 18, 2021 9:15pm ET by Opaque Artists  

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