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"BadScandal" aka Luke Power is a Vocalist, DJ and Producer from Dublin, Ireland. Luke grew up in a very musical family starting learning to sing and play guitar at the age of five. He was introduced to a studio for the first time on his 7th birthday.

Luke started off his career as an acoustic artist in 2016 touring with Irish pop band 'Picture This' it took him some time to find his grounding in terms of what kind of artist he wanted to be and what his genre was but eventually discovered a talent for 'Deep House' which he blends with 'Slap House'.
Discovered through Luke's love for analog and virtual synths which he spent years focusing on mastering utilising the synthesisers to be able to make unique sounds unheard to others.

Each song contains Luke's vocals which he blends into the music through pitch shifting, modulation and using LFO's in a unique way to develop an interesting sound.

Luke is as of now the only person in Ireland to make 'Slap House' which adds an element of uniqueness to this music.

Demon's is available on all Digital Platforms Via DeeVu Records


Music Video

Directed by Eoghan Hogarty & Josh Henvey
Production Company: Purple Ocean Productions
Director of Photography: Eoghan Hogarty
Production Designer: Josh Henvey
Editor: Eoghan Hogarty
Actors: Freddy McKinley, Luka Wu, Killian Casey, Eoghan Hogarty, Luke Power, Pearse Street Gardai, Morgan Kelly, Kayleigh Maguire

Special thanks to Pearse Garda Station.

July 29, 2021 8:30pm ET by Opaque Artists  

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