MTWD5000 new single "Fake Friends"


Opaque Artists

The MTWD5000 Is a burger flipping robot from a horrendous dystopian future where Ronald McDonald and other meat based fast food companies battle against rebellious vegan humans.

Much like the terminator when R McD sees a shift in the war he sends back MTWD5000 in order to boost efficiency and swing the balance.

Back he goes to 2025 and begins to fulfil his programming.

However after hearing EDM/ hip hop for the first time (music is banned in future as it has no value to the powers that be, he becomes self aware, he becomes tuned into the beat and realises he is on the wrong side of history.

Then realising the power of music and art, that he must take a stand against all the evil in the world he becomes an international DJ and causes a revolution.

Fake friends is an absolute belter!

Pumping beat and surging bassline, raises pulses and cracks necks. Merging the lines between tech and G House, "Fake Friends" tells the time old story of those who know you best struggle to rejoice in your success. Shake hands with a snake and you'll end up bit.

"They hate us cos they ain't us."

Available on all digital platforms via DeeVu Records.

December 2, 2021 7:05pm ET by Opaque Artists  

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