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Tatts ‘n’ Talent Theatre Company is proud to announce a ground-breaking moment in the world of theatre as they prepare to bring the acclaimed US musical, "The Green Room," to the UK stage for the first time. This is a historic event that marks the original UK production of a musical that has been captivating audiences in the United States for over 13 years.

"The Green Room" is a musical that has garnered numerous awards and critical acclaim during its long and successful run in the US. This Off-Broadway sensation, conceived as a one-act play by Rod Damer with music and lyrics by Chuck Pelletier, follows the dreams of four theatre majors who aspire to make it big in New York City. The production has been described as "electrifying, comical, soulful, and melancholic" by NYU News and features a collection of popular songs, including "It’s All About Me," "Nothing Can Stop My Boys," "In the End," and "Waiting in the Wings."

Chuck Pelletier's skilfully crafted score has been celebrated by the Los Angeles Times as a "satisfying range of musical styles," while Broadway World has declared it a "Critic’s Pick!" On-stage Blog recognizes the show's potential as "a perfect economical choice for community theatres and even colleges."

"The Green Room" is more than just a musical; it's a heartfelt and comedic journey filled with witty lyrics and hummable melodies. It strikes a chord with all ages, making it a perfect choice for regional and community theatres, as noted by StageSceneLA. Musicals in LA captures the essence of the show as a tale of "ambition and talent" that resonates with anyone who has ever aspired to make it in the world of theatre.

This production is set to become a favourite among musical theatre enthusiasts, and its universal theme of pursuing dreams will undoubtedly strike a chord with audiences of all backgrounds.

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey and bring "The Green Room" to the UK stage for the first time. Tatts ‘n’ Talent Theatre Company is thrilled to be part of this momentous occasion, and they look forward to sharing the magic of "The Green Room - The Musical" with audiences across the UK.

Event Details:

Opening Date: 2nd October 2023
Show Run: 9 nights only, from 2nd October to 28th November 2023
Venue: The Comedy Store, London


Director: Nathan Benham
Producer: Phoenix Benham
John: Reece Bollen and Mikey Wooster
Divonne: Phoenix Benham and Becky Braud
Cliff: David Ribi and Simon Curtin
Anna: Gemma Edwards and Nadya Lee


About Tatts ‘n’ Talent Theatre Company

Tatts ‘n’ Talent Theatre Company is a dynamic and innovative theatre company based in London, dedicated to bringing exciting and memorable theatrical experiences to audiences. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for the performing arts, Tatts ‘n’ Talent Theatre Company continues to push the boundaries of creativity and entertainment.

September 22, 2023 9:00am ET by Opaque Artists  

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