Pink Panda & Louise Aqua - Outta My Head


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Brace yourselves for a musical journey like no other as Pink Panda and Louise Aqua join forces in the electrifying collaboration, "Outta My Head."

Taking inspiration from Kylie Minogue's iconic hit, 'Can't Get You Out of My Head,' Pink Panda and Louise Aqua infuse their unique styles, combining Panda's infectious energy with Aqua's vibrant beats. The result is a fresh take that transforms the classic into a modern dance floor banger.

This dynamic duo's collaboration promises a nostalgic trip with a contemporary twist, making it a perfect fit for today's vibrant party scene. The pulsating beats and exhilarating rhythm are set to captivate music enthusiasts, ensuring 'Outta My Head' becomes a standout in the realm of modern dance music.

Get ready to groove and immerse yourself in the infectious energy of 'Outta My Head' by Pink Panda & Louise Aqua. Stay tuned for the release date and prepare to elevate your musical experience!


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March 11, 2024 5:00am ET by Opaque Artists  

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