Mansur Brown Releases Anticipated & Genre-Spanning 'Tesuto' EP

Out Now Via Soulection Records

"The virtuoso blends ferocious chops with an open-minded creative viewpoint, resulting in a stream of inspired releases" (CLASH)


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Mansur Brown releases his three-track EP 'Tesuto.’ The title of the project means “test” in Japanese and Mansur describes the EP as “representative of life and the struggles everyone universally goes through and looking at these obstacles and challenges as tests.”

‘Tesuto’ which spans genres of R&B, hip hop, electronic and ambient, is out now via Soulection Records, the independent label and creative hive for worldwide, experimental musicians that was started by the Los Angeles-based DJ collective Soulection.

Listen to ‘Tesuto’ BELOW.

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Here’s what Mansur says about each track off the EP:

“It's My Time” is a song that tells a story about triumph and victory, overcoming pain and pushing through difficulty when all the odds are against you and the importance of processing the hurt before you strive to tackle the problem.”

“Serene” represents the motion in which change is happening and tries to highlight the constant grind and persistent strive when pushing towards positivity and peace.”

“Jamilla” is more about reflection and the appreciation of the journey that has taken place in order for you to exist in your current present and understanding this is part of God's plan and to always look at the positivity in your life.”

'Tesuto' EP Tracklist
1. It’s My Time
2. Serene
3. Jamilla

July 13, 2020 9:55am ET by Shore Fire Media  

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