The Ries Brothers’ ‘Paint Your Emotion’ Conjures "A Relaxed And Easy Going Mood" (Out Now)

Hometown concert and new single “Tennessee” celebrate Florida duo’s Sept 18 album debut


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The Ries Brothers (Charlie and Kevin Jordan Ries), two South Florida brothers in their early 20s share 'Paint Your Emotion,' their debut LP produced by John Agnello (Kurt Vile, Sonic Youth, Social Distortion) -- a lyrically and sonically adventurous record that introduces a new kind of classic Americana. Listen below.

What was simply a passion turned into a career when The Ries Brothers were discovered by the band Chicago and asked to go on tour with them at the young ages of 18 and 15. Since then, they have played more than a thousand shows and toured nonstop ever since — well, up until March 2020 when they were pulled off the road due to COVID-19. Now, they’re working alongside artists including G Love, Stick Figure, 311, Pepper, Galactic and Butch Trucks (The Allman Brothers Band).

'Paint Your Emotion,' released via Silverback Music’s Controlled Substance Sound Labs (CSSL)/MegaForce Records includes all tracks written by the brothers and one featuring Iya Terra's Nathan Joel Feinstein. It explores universally shared emotions - love, anxiety, loneliness, even depression - through the brothers’ upbeat, road-tested blend of rock, blues and funk. The album’s singles released this summer connect these musical and thematic dots, turning negative emotion into positive art. “Recluse” explores the frustration of missed connections and failed communication, with guitar textures providing chiming counterpoints. The lavender-hazed “Save You” breezes in, all crisp, perky strumming and irresistible melodies that accent Charlie's warm tenor voice. The brisk “No More Lonely Nights” gives fans a future sing-along anthem and live favorite. “Troubadour (feat. Iya Terra)” is a bittersweet, wah-wah ode to life on the road that comes from the brothers’ own road-warrior experience. Album opener “Tennessee” uses uplifting whistles and songwriting about two longtime friends or lovers, who haven't seen each other in a while and enjoying time together -- no matter what happens with the rest of the world, they are happy to be with each other in the moment. The rest of the album touches on these colors, while painting a compelling and musically full portrait of a range of emotions.

In a recent interview with the brothers (“Sincerity is the Key”), American Songwriter noted that this embrace of a more classic sound might be exactly what we could use right now:

“While the sunny shores of Florida are home to many a famous pop punk, alt. rock, and emo band, The Ries Brothers (R-EE-s) of Clearwater, FL instead felt compelled to make music in the stylistic veins of more laid back genres like blues rock, funk, and reggae. Given the current state of the world, with people all over the U.S. contending with stores of pent-up anxiety and bouts of cabin fever from months of quarantine, there’s something to be said for turning to melodies of a more relaxed and easy going mood.”

Charlie and Kevin Jordan will perform a sold-out socially distanced acoustic hometown show in St. Petersburg, FL tomorrow night (9.19) at The Hideaway Cafe, and last night (9.17), they performed a special home-state album release show at Boca Raton’s Crazy Uncle Mikes; watch the full socially distanced concert:

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