Kev Kelly “Everything’s on Fire”


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“Set to be the summer anthem of 2020...” Bryan Todd (Grammy Nominated, multi-platinum producer).

Everything's on Fire is the new single by US singer and bouncy stage performer Kev Kelly. The single is taken from his debut EP release Saint KDK V.

The young writer says: "I wanted to show I’m capable of doing more than just one style in this EP - and there’s variety from one song to the next. Each track presents a setting and a plot as if it was a mini movie, while containing a common thread throughout the EP. A relationship beginning in Neighbors, it being on the rocks in Oh My My, it ending in Everything’s on Fire and looking back on the relationship with regret, heartache and love in Soon."

Kev Kelly started playing piano at just 4 years old. His passion for music blossomed as he grew older and he learned to skillfully write lyrics and perform his tracks on stage. His songs are based on personal experiences which he hopes the listeners can relate to and connect to him through. His musical influences include Frank Ocean, John Legend, Otis Redding and Sam Cooke. He loves classic songwriting coupled with skilled performance, and this can be heard in his new single Everything's on Fire.

May 29, 2020 1:25pm ET by Space Promotions  

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