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An artist who has always found himself suspended between the vibrant worlds of RnB, soul, and pop, STEMIN has become something of a musical pioneer. An artist and musician who revels in the blurred lines of the genres, his work has become synonymous with innovation and expression, weaving his unique sound with a very personal style. With the release of his sophomore album on the horizon, STEMIN is now proud to present his most impressive and elaborate single to date, the brilliant ‘Better Than Wine’.

Born into a musical family, STEMIN began studying piano and saxophone at a young age, and he soon surrounded himself with tapes, CD’s, concerts and festivals. After joining his church choir, STEMIN soon found a spiritual connection with musical, indulging in gospel and soul sounds that would further colour his own unique style. This love grew to include more pop, jazz, and Motown era sounds, and it eventually led STEMIN to study jazz in one of Italy’s most renowned musical conservatories, the famous Saint Louis College of Music in Rome. Inspired to create, and with a Bachelor of Arts in Jazz vocals to his name, STEMIN moved to the Netherlands where he furthered his study and laid the foundation for things to come.

In 2017, STEMIN released his debut album, ‘Love Through My Eyes’, a personal and reflective release that detailed his journey with jazz music. It was an inspired and interpersonal piece, one that captured his expressive style and flowed with a tapestry of different genres.

Now, STEMIN is set to further his musical reach and captivate the world once more, bringing to light a truly unique sophomore album. Titled ‘#TellYourHeart’, the new album is set for release later this year on August 28th, and shines with a contemporary RnB feel. The first single from the release came in the form of ‘Closer’, a lavish and wonderfully soulful recording that captures the hearts and minds of anyone who hears it now. A perfect introduction to his sound, ‘Closer’ has made an indelible mark on both Soundcloud and Spotify, and its laid the path for second single ‘Better Than Wine’.

Set for release on July 7th, ‘Better Than Wine’ is arguably STEMIN’s most instantly impressive single to date, offering a sense of universal appeal as well as a truly intoxicating emotive quality. Built on an undeniably funky musical baseline that is studded with vibrant pop influences and STEMIN’s sensual vocals, it’s a perfect encapsulation of his bold, beautiful style.

Of the new track’s inspiration, STEMIN explained, “Love and wine have a lot of things in common, and as legend says, love and wine are one of the best things in life: they taste sweet, sour, bittersweet, sometimes with an aftertaste, sometimes they have a healing effect, sometimes they can be harmful, but, overall they go along our lives throughout the different seasons.”

Of the new album, STEMIN has said that he strongly hopes that ‘#TellYourHeart’ becomes one in a series of musical messages to people, expressing the sense that it’s easy to become trapped in life, but there is always a way out.

Second single ‘Better Than Wine’ will be available to stream on all major platforms from July 7th this year, and be sure to keep your eats open for the full release of ‘#TellYourHeart’ in September.


Musician and artist STEMIN is a soul-RnB vocalist, composer, and pianist. He was born in Switzerland, to a Swiss father and a German mother but was raised in Italy. In 2017 he released a self-produced and self-promoted album called ‘Love Through My Eyes.’

STEMIN’s new album, #tellyourheart, which is set to be released in September (2020), has a contemporary RnB and soul feel, both in the song-writing and production style (in part directed by the renowned Australian, electronic music producer, Nick Thayer) - and will feature a number of pre-release singles.

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July 7, 2020 8:53am ET by Marco Sardi  

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