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Easily one of this year’s most captivating and impressive artists, Stemin has become a global sensation thanks to a string of impressive singles and the release of his new album, ‘#TellYourHeart’. A unique and irrepressible talent, he’s delivered some of 2020’s most engaging neo-soul releases, and now with the release of ‘Dare’, his fourth single to be taken from the album, he’s set a standard that every contemporary RnB artist will struggle to follow.

Released in the wake of previous singles ‘Cause You Know’, ‘Better Than Wine’, and the stellar ‘Closer’, his new single is a vibrant and wonderfully illustrative new release that tells the story of two people who begin to lose themselves while fighting to stay together.

A wonderfully evocative piece that showcases Stemin’s ability to write truly captivating songs, ‘Dare’ is available on all major platforms from September 25th on.

Born in Switzerland to a musical family, Stemin began his journey by studying piano and saxophone, soaking up concerts, and participating his in local choir. It was the start of a passionate love affair with music, one that would ultimately shape and determine his future.

As he grew up and explored more of the world, Stemin discovered the jazz and the Motown era, and he instantly fell in love with the timeless sounds and styles of this bold genre. It was a turning point for Stemin, one of those serendipitous moments that would define his musical style forever. Move ahead to 2020, and Stemin is back in the spotlight and sounding better than ever, carving a new path through modern music with his bold style and a stunning new album.

While early singles ‘Closer’, ‘Better Than Wine’, and ‘Cause You Know’ may have set the standard for what we could expect of the full album, it’s his latest single that truly captures Stemin’s intimate and evocative sound. Titled ‘Dare’, the new single is a tragic love story of two people losing themselves in the struggle to stay together. Driven by bold emotions and backed by Stemin’s impressive neo-soul style, it’s arguably one of his finest releases to date, and the perfect introduction to his new album.

In his own words, Stemin described the new single as, “the story of two people, that like comets, drift away, driven by emotions and feelings lose themselves while they chase each other, though at the same time they find themselves again, as the only possibility of escape.”

Easily one of this year’s most touching and poignant releases, ‘Dare’ is available now on all major platforms, along with ‘#TellYourHeart’, his unstoppable new album.

For more information or to arrange interviews, articles and more, feel free to contact Stemin via his links below. Any exposure or support is greatly appreciated.

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October 26, 2020 7:35pm ET by Marco Sardi  

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