Young Russian music producer, Lovexit, delivers her debut track "Now" via SuperPosition Records


SuperPosition Records

Dec 3rd 2020 - Zapresic, Croatia - Young Russian tech house producer, Lovexit, delivers her debut track "Now" via SuperPosition Records

We're extremely proud about this special release for Lovexit. This is her first track and it's being released right on her birthday.

In real life Lovexit is known as Arina Listratova, young model, DJ and producer from Tomsk, Russia. Track "NOW" is done in tech house style and features warm vocal of Arina herself.

"Track NOW is a story about 2020. The year that ruined the plans of almost everyone, in a sense, it became a unique experience thanks to which people began to value some things that they had not paid attention to before.

The year that introduced us to each other anew and taught us that if we cannot influence the situation, then thinking about it, trying to calculate it in most cases is meaningless.

What seemed ordinary until recently, now acquires special value and gives joy. We just need to properly adjust ourselves, and then we will be able to feel many things differently.
Happiness is in life itself. Here and NOW."

"Now" is out now on all platforms.


About Lovexit

"Lovexit- Arina Listratova model and producer from Russia. I was always brought up in such a way that beauty begins from the inside, so my passion for art began from early childhood.

I managed to try myself in many ways, but sooner or later all paths led me to music. Making music is a very painstaking job, but the result is worth it, because for me it is a unique language that has no limits and where I can speak with the whole world at once, share my state, tell a story without words.

I can not relate myself to any particular genre, I try myself in different ways and when creating music I often experiment and combine elements of different genres, each track is something unique - this is dance sound therapy with vibrations and kindness that unite people on the dance floor

I express the ideas of the global locally - the main point of my work is that "Life is what you do with the world, and the world does with you". LOVEXIT is what is behind the doors of perception when everything is dazzling and confusing. The beginning of a love that you will never lose."

About SuperPosition Records

SuperPosition Records coming our of Zapresic, Croatia is record label with strong focus on quality electronic music. We’re always on the lookout for great new electronic music to release and tell the world about it. We are obviously not the biggest record label on the planet but we are passionate about what we do and appreciate artists who do the same. With 15 years of experience in media publishing we’ll put all our experience and effort to help you build your name in the music industry. SuperPosition in our name means super position for artist and for us. We believe that only satisfied artist is motivated to create art that shines and reflects its inner magic. Genres of music in which we’re interested: Techno, Melodic Techno, House, Deep House, Tech House, Minimal, Progressive House, EDM.

We're welcoming debut artists as we're here to guide you towards your first release and help you with your release to go smooth and safe.

December 3, 2020 8:15am ET by SuperPosition Records  


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