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Carving his own melodic lane in what he likes to refer to as “luxurious rap”, the Hackney rising prodigy Billions has released his highly awaited project named, ‘Long Live Boogie’ with a guest appearance from distinguished American artist Toosii. 

Housing production from Lizzybeats, Just Dre, Eightsarewild, Thatsterrific, and Antchamberlain, Billions continues to solidify his artistry with this captivating and cohesive body of work. Opening the project with ‘No Pain’, a heart-felt and thought-provoking release, Billions glazes the Eightsarewild-production with introspective bars, intertwining his London grit in with the gospel vocals that flow throughout. Swiftly moving through the atmospheric waves of ‘For The Moment’, we stumble across his guest appearance from US hit-maker Toosii who joins him on stand-out track named, ‘Rich Today’. Flaunting their signature melodic sound, the acoustic-led backdrop courtesy of Just Dre enables Toosii to drop an infectious hook, “Louis V bag hold 100 racks I'm feeling rich today / They say the good die young, so I tote the stick today / I pop my shit but I ain't cocky / Lord know I ain't stopping / Get off my dck if you don't like me I think it's best that you block me”, later joined by Billions’ hard-hitting verses. Turning up the tempo on ‘Trump’, the bass-heavy production compliments his unapologetic tone and fearless approach sitting at the forefront of the track.

Navigating the listener through his journey thus far, he begins to unravel his trials and tribulations giving supporters a deeper insight to his lifestyle and where he aims to be. Showcasing his refined pen game, punchlines, and slick melodies through various beats, Billions slows things back down on ‘Rolly’s and AP’s’, “I made it out gotta look out for my mama / We can take it there if n
ggas on that drama / I need therapy I think I'm fighting demons / It's crazy when you think it and achieve it / I lost my n*gga boogie this / On here for you dawg / When you died that shit left me with a true scar”, he spits. Closing out the project with tracks including ‘Real Story’, ‘Everything’, the summer-infused sizzler ‘Loyalty and Respect’, and lastly ‘See You Cry’ – Billions’ ability to keep you captivated is unsurpassed. Speaking on the release of the project, Billions commented “Legend’s love forever long live boogie, the life we live is the life we chose”. 

Managing his time between entrepreneurial ventures and elevating his music career, Billions has formed an ever-growing fan base that are eagerly awaiting his drops. Heavily influenced by his American counterparts, previous tracks such as ‘Motive’ (300k+ YouTube views) alongside reputable artist Ayo Beatz, to ‘Diamonds’, and ‘Broken Heart’, have demonstrated his potential to not only become a household name in the UK but one of the few crossover artists Black British music has to offer. 

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December 6, 2021 9:16am ET by Ten Letter PR  

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