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Louisville-based rockers GRLwood have released their newest single, “Kid Bruises.” Led by Rej Forester on guitar/vocals and produced by Ken Coomer, the track maintains a retro, dream-like beat with punching vocals that hone in on the song’s message. This single deals with the often taboo subject of child abuse, and suicidal feelings from an early age. Although it can be hard to digest, the reality is that many children are in situations where they have similar feelings. Now that Rej is out of that situation, she is healing her inner child, and through this song she hopes to help others feel less isolated in whatever they are going through.

“I want this song to help people feel not alone when they are going through it. Sometimes the things that are supposed to be safe and happy, don’t. And that's a really isolating feeling that can drive some people really far. I hope by giving that desperate feeling some vocabulary it can help someone express what they are feeling in a creative external way instead of letting it eat them from the inside out.” - Rej Forester of GRLwood

Rej has been able to use her deep connection to her grandmother to help speak up about her feelings and express herself.

“Talking about having suicidal thoughts is very taboo. Suicide runs in my family. I had my first suicidal feelings when I was 10 or 11. And I didnt know how to talk about it, but as an adult, I can look back and express those emotions the way I would have wanted to to my one close family member, my grandmother.”
- Rej Forester of GRLwood

Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Rej Forester created GRLwood in 2016 as a solo project. GRLwood currently performs as a duo, consisting of Forester and drummer, Mia Morris. GRLwood has performed nonstop and has formed a strong following in their hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. They have been praised for the community they’ve cultivated, their explosive live performances, and most of all for their fearless and tireless gusto when it comes to dismantling the patriarchy, tackling misogyny and toxic heteronormative ideologies through their music. GRLwood has been featured by the likes of Billboard, NPR, AV Club, BTRtoday, Pandora Blog, Wussy Mag, and many more.

“Kid Bruises” is available for streaming across all DSPs today.

If you or someone you love are having thoughts of suicide please call the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

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