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Coming off their headlining US spring tour, Mustard Service has released their long awaited follow-up single “VCM” across streaming services today. Also known as “Vice City Magic,” the new track is a twisted, psychedelic arrangement of chamber pop and slacker rock perfect for the warm weather ahead. Featuring guest vocals from rapper ilikebloo, “VCM” continues to unravel itself in a kaleidoscope dream. The Miami five-piece is not shy to experiment with their music, drawing inspirations from a wide range of feels and textures in the world of folk, rock, and jazz.

The new single comes ahead of the band’s third full-length album, Variety Pack, set to arrive August 3, 2023 via ONErpm.

“VCM is possibly the most collaborative song on the album. We’ve had our friend, ilikebloo, write a whole verse for himself. We told him, word for word, ‘it's not even written yet man, say whatever you want and we'll write around whatever you spit.’ We can't speak for Numan (ilikebloo) when it comes to the theme of the song, but our interpretation had to do with the lack of authenticity in the Miami music scene and the frustration of having to deal with the people in it.

We're sure most cities are like this, a handful of sycophants who used to trash talk you are now suddenly interested in being your friend once you've amassed some modicum of success…but we tried to express our own lived experiences in the scene, hence the name ‘VCM’ (Vice City Magic) acronymed as such because we thought the full name was a bit cheesy.” - Mustard Service

It all began with an ambitious college dropout who had just returned from a year-long stint in Germany. He scribbled the opening line "I'm going down" for a soon-to-be viral hit called "Taking up Space” in the comfort of his Floridian backyard — and that, mis amigos, is how Mustard Service was born.

Sons of Latino immigrants, the five-piece kick-started in 2015 and is held down by Marco Rivero (lead vocals, guitar), Gabriel “Nuchi” Marinuchi (guitar), Augusto “Tuto” Di Catarina (bass, vocals), Leo “Big Guy” Cattani (keys), and Adam Rhodes (drums). Self-identified as “zest pop,” the band’s eclectic mix of indie rock, surf, funk, jazz and bossa nova has made them the perfect representation of Miami alternative.

A Mustard Service show isn’t without its share of chaos, but the warm family energy that permeates through this collective of friends and onto the stage has amassed them a passionate fan base looking to leave their worries at the door. Transitioning from sweaty overpacked house shows in Miami-Dade County to selling out shows nationally, Mustard Service has made appearances at numerous festival circuits such as iiiPoints and Okeechobee.

For fans of The Beach Boys, Mac DeMarco, and Charly García — don’t be shy to take a bite of Mustard Service for a bonafide good time.

Be sure to stream “VCM” across DSPs today, and pre-save Variety Pack, here.

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