"Cypher 1: Ella", a collaboration between Mabiland, Emjay, Mare Advertencia, and Delfina Dib, is the label's first release.

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In the spirit of Warner Music Mexico’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, the record company is launching Gorgona, a label which will be completely run and managed by women and will be focused on promoting female talent.

The label’s first release is the single "Cypher 1: Ella", a collaboration between four artists – Mabiland, Emjay, Mare Advertencia, and Delfina Dib. The song was released on digital music services on March 16th, followed by the video’s release on March 22nd.

Despite Mexico being the home of many great female artists, the presence of women in other key senior industry roles has historically been low. This has been exacerbated by the social context of a country with very serious labor inequality issues.

This concern led to the formation of Warner Music Mexico’s Gender Equality Committee — which is composed exclusively of women from across the company. They wanted to be proactive and create a space that would bring more visibility to female executives and help their career development.

Thus came the idea of creating a label in which absolutely all roles in the supply chain—from songwriting to pitching to digital music services—would be carried out by women.

The label - led by Andrea Fernandez, A&R Manager at Warner Music Mexico - needed a powerful name to exalt the talent that already exists in the different roles of the industry. They came up with the name "Gorgona", a female Greek mythological creature who is a protective deity of women.

Gorgona’s first release, "Cypher 1: Ella", is a collaboration between Mabiland, Emjay, Mare Advertencia, and Delfina Dib. Each artist showcases their unique flow, personality, and style in this powerful track. It was released during International Women's Month to highlight the value of gender.

In "Cypher 1: Ella", each of the singers/emcees trade rhymes in a cypher format, yet the song boasts hooks and meaningful lyrics to elevate it into a grand statement. In the video—produced by Andrea Hergueta and directed by Gaby Noya—we see the individual talent and diversity of the four artists before coming together, showing what they can do by themselves as well as sharing their moment. The song was produced by Maria Vertiz, mixed by Marcella Araica and mastered by Natalia Schlesinger.

The song—and Gorgona—demonstrate the power that women can hold in front and behind the microphones and that their talent should be visible to the whole world.

Andrea Fernandez, A&R Manager at Warner Music Mexico and the label’s creative leader, says: “The atmosphere in our first camp was very friendly because everyone felt that their opinions and voices were validated in the studio. They had practically never attended a camp where the participation of women was greater than that of men. We came out with a network of creative women who were able to get to know themselves and their work and produced spectacular songs.”

The attendees of the first camp included Ali Stone, Amanda Coronel, EMJAY, Erika Vidrio, Escarlata, Ingratax, Mare Advertencia, Maria Vertiz, Marian Ruzzi, Nicole Horts, Salma, Shanty and many more artists, producers and songwriters.

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