Garyk Lee Style TV Releases Loretta Christiansenson – The “TV Host” Without The “Most”


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Garyk Lee Style TV has just released the brand new reel from the “Off The Wall” television show “Let’s Talk” with Loretta Christiansenson, the “TV Host” without the “Most.” Loretta Christiansenson is the hilarious right wing Southern Belle making a SPLASH in the World of Entertainment.

Did you ever meet someone so slanderously charming, sarcastically inspiring, and arrogantly captivating? Well, Loretta Christiansenson is your girl! If she's not spraying away the gays then she's innocently contriving ways in which to annoy the planet in the most numerous way humanly possible.

Her innocence is merely a ploy to disguise her tactlessness, and her smile demands attention that she thrives on. With all these diverse qualities in one person there's no doubt you have to at least find her entertaining.....Yet the whole world loves her....even the gays.

Watch the Loretta Christiansenson Reel on Garyk Lee Style TV here:

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August 12, 2019 4:19pm ET by World Star PR  

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