“Making Lemonade” A Romantic Novel About Starting Over By Author Muriel Ellis Pritchett


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"A woman gets a chance to start over in this romantic novel...centering on wish fulfillment." (Kirkus Reviews)

On her 50th birthday, Missouri Rothman did not get the Tahiti vacation she dreamed of or the surprise birthday party she expected. Instead, a university student totaled her car, her boss - after 16 years of loyal and excellent service - gave her a letter of termination, and her professor husband of 32 years asked for a divorce so he could marry his post-doc student with the 18-inch waist and perky boobs. Half a century old, jobless, and with only a high school diploma, Missouri must take the lemons that life has thrown her and make the best lemonade ever - even if it means traveling to Italy alone to do it.

“A wonderfully sad-sweet page turner of a novel, peppered with her trademark wit and filled with great expectations and greater romantic interludes.” – Rita Bhimani, author of The Corporate Peacock

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