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Lisa Kozich, founder and CEO of Crock Pot Moms, was recently featured in the April issue of the prominent Pittsburgh magazine, A Taste of Pittsburgh, which spotlighted CEOs from all around Pittsburgh.

The rising online community, Crock Pot Moms, took the internet by storm a few years ago before the influencer term was even a thing.

It all began when Lisa Kozich, created an online club to connect with other moms, after she had her son, Owen, in 2011. The club then turned into an online site where others could sell items and from there, it transformed into Mommy’s club garage sale.

After 7 years of growth and making a name for itself, Crock Pot Moms has almost 1.1 million actively engaged fans and followers, with whom it shares recipes, home tips, and DIY project ideas with. Included in these followers are not just moms, but college students, dads and grandparents.

Kozich tells the magazine that she attributes her success to her fans and their spreading the word about Crock Pot Moms. Her main focus and what motivates her, is being a mom of her two amazing kiddos Kyle and Owen and her drive to help others. She has found a way to do that through crock pot cooking.

She tells the article: “We all have these amazing gifts, and if you follow your gift, then you’ll find your purpose and be so happy and never feel like you have to work a day in your life”.

Many exciting things are in store this year for CEO Lisa Kozich, including appearances on prime time television shows. Kozich will also be publishing a book which is unofficially titled "How I started an Internet Empire with Slow Cooking,” filled with a variety of different crock pot recipes. But that’s not all, along with these ventures, we will be seeing Crock Pot Moms, on television, Crockin’ all over the United States with recipes from different areas and her podcast CrockPotMoms that interviews and connects others around the globe.


Started in 2011, Crock Pot Moms is an online community to help parents, college students, grandparents, and more connect with each other through the sharing of crock pot recipes, home tips, and DIY project ideas.

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