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Latin American R&B/Pop duo DŌS are heating up the scene with powerful vocals by Isaiah “ZAY” Elizalde and magnetic melodies by Eli “The Kid” Valencia. Their latest track “Can’t Get Enough” is on-point, as fans are flocking to the alternative R&B and Pop vibe that’s both classic and contemporary—the best of DŌS worlds—sultry slow-jam amped up to signature pop.

Audiences of all ages are dialing-into “Can’t Get Enough” with its unique versatile sound. The Kid’s production is clean and complex, blending Zay’s smooth, radio-ready R&B falsetto with modern trap elements and remixed ‘80s pop textures to form DŌS.

Inspired by Michael Jackson and Prince, as well as Ready For The World, Justin Timberlake, Drake and Travis Scott, the duo’s love of old-school funk, pop, and more modern forms of R&B is present in their music.

Both Latino artists in DŌS (which means “two” in Spanish) were born in California and connected by a longstanding familial bond between their fathers. This powerhouse phenomenon of Isaiah and Eli is best described as musical destiny. Blending the icon-ic R&B sound with eclectic signature pop elevates this art form to new heights.

Blessed with two talented powerhouses who literally vibe their heart and soul into mu-sic, DŌS is redefining the industry standard as they push the boundary of expectation, all while remaining humble, charismatic, and connected to their explosively expanding fan base.

Through their immaculately smooth & authentically emotional style, DŌS adds a bold & captivating sound to their song “Can’t Get Enough,” highlighting their in-sightful ability to connect to the song’s sweet intentions and translate those pow-erful feelings directly into the hearts of listeners worldwide.

Tap into their official debut with “Can’t Get Enough” that is Streaming on All Platforms!

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