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Alexis Marrero’s highly anticipated new single “Floating Away” is now available worldwide. “Floating Away” (produced by Two-Time Grammy Nominated producer/songwriter Rocky Byrd) is the follow-up single to her smash hit “Wake Me Up” that recently took the music industry by storm.

Just like each star is unique yet makes the universe what it is, there is a light within the soul of Alexis Marrero that makes her who she is…..which is exactly what she needs to be. Her music knows it’s darkness well enough to sit in darkness with others, but it also knows the daylight of life…

As a child Alexis would often be found singing around the house. At 10 years old, she even started a band. Then when Alexis turned 15 years old on a trip to Maui, her mom bought her a ukulele. She immediately taught herself how to play, which solidified the fact that she knew she could sing.

Alexis began her serious journey around 6 or 7 years ago when she began posting covers on Instagram. There was an Instagram singing competition entitled “The Voice Kik” and was opened to all young singers throughout the world who desired to list covers. From there, Alexis began posting her covers on the Music Instagram that she had at the time. One of the songs she had posted was by Sia called “Titanium” and a talent scout recognized her talent and put her in touch with producer Shannon McArthur, who began doing Skype sessions with her. MacArthur invited Alexis out to LA and began recording music with her…. and the rest came history.

Alexis is a huge storyteller, and therefore uses stories within her songs and lyrical messages. In her own words “I think it’s important that music has an emotional connection to it.” She goes on to say that “people, including myself turn to music when times are tough, and I feel that it is important to put out music that is relatable to people and can help them relate to their own story.” Alexis tells a tale that takes up residence in someone else’s soul. That story will move them and drive them, and who knows what they might do because of it, because of her words. A story is one of Alexis’ gifts.

The Cleveland Ohio native is entwined within a close-knit family bond who support her art and help encourage her craft. They have watched her progress from childhood to songstress extraordinaire. She has already released a variety of Fanbase super hits, including “Wake Me Up” a haunting story of love lost and self-realization, “Rich AF”, “My Whole World”, “Something That I Missed”, and her newest unveiling “Floating Away.”

Alexis also incorporates philanthropy into her repertoire. She began “Quarantine Concert Fridays” where she performed free concerts for her fans on Instagram live. She also started a charity event “Saving Our Holidays Extravaganza” in which influencers, singers and dancers, performed to raise money for the Salvation Army‘s Rescuing Christmas. She has also worked with SOS4Life which is a non-profit organization aimed at helping at-risk youth and young adults with mental health issues and helps to provide them the services they need through donations. Alexis is also an advocate for positivity and a role model for people all over the world. She has worked with some huge names, including Jeff Huskins, Stefan Litrownik, Stevie Mackey, and Shannon MacArthur and has appeared on iHeartRadio’s “The Outlaws Radio Show”, KTLA’s “Wish USA”, “On With Mario Lopez”, and KMET’s “ Entertainment Zone.”

Alexis Marrero songs are heart felt and evoke emotions. When we are touched by something it’s like brushing against an Angels wing. Her music is like that of the reflected rainbow of light from a shattered looking glass, or the colors spilling out of a vibrant kaleidoscope. They all act as a canopy for the stars so we can shine…..

“Floating Away” is a pop/rock ballad that tells a story while showcasing Alexis Marrero’s range and beautiful tone. With each release Alexis show her maturity as an artist, and “Floating Away” is sure to please music lovers around the world.

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