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Professional singer, artist, and designer Lily Ivor has announced the creation of her new M.E.G. (Marble Entertainment Group). M.E.G. will offer programming focused on celebrities and the various fine and performing arts.

M.E.G. will also be the exclusive home to Ivor’s own television show entitled The Showhouse w/Lily Ivor, which will grant viewers an exclusive behind-the-scenes look as Ivor prepares to launch her music act and upcoming tour. The show is inspired by The Hollywood Palace, a popular ABC variety program that aired in the 1960’s and featured the first US national television appearances for The Rolling Stones and The Jackson 5.

The Showhouse w/Lily Ivor will also feature merchandise from Ivor’s two high-end clothing lines: Caly® and Sotre™. In addition to her music and fine art, a percentage of the money made from her clothing lines will go to “The Sylvia Polite Arts Foundation”, which assists youth and teens in crisis. Ivor also uses her talents to support a girl’s horse ranch for endangered runaways.

A throwback to the old-time glamour of American show business, Lily Ivor is a singer, stagecraft master, and costumer. She was signed to Nashville-based independent record label ATG Records, with whom she is a featured talent collaborating with world-renowned arranger, producer, and composer, Steve W. Mauldin. Ivor cites American singer, songwriter, and actor Bobby Darin as a major influence.

“I am an impresario exploring my potential in dramatic or entertaining presentation, performance, and publicity. I work with talent from all over the globe irrespective of race, gender, or religious views,” says Lily.

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Aside from planning her world tour, Lily Ivor is working on building a grand palace; a cruise ship; and a luxury brand for high society. A throwback to the old-time glamour of American show business, she is one of ATG Record’s featured talents collaborating with world-renowned arranger, producer, and composer Steve W. Mauldin. Lily and her accompanying orchestra can be seen performing for her Society Members when her World Tour launches. Shows are scheduled for New York City, Rome, London, Brussels, Copenhagen, and additional cities. NOTE: Lily Ivor born Sylvia Lee Brookman on January 7, 1962, is an American singer and client to the Nashville-based Steve W. Mauldin Productions. She is married to hall of famer Kenneth G. Polite.

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November 28, 2023 1:33pm ET by World Star PR  

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