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Today #TheSimonettaLeinShow continues its highly anticipated 6th Season, as the show gears up for the one and only Simonetta Lein's birthday and the Super Bowl, with a special episode welcoming a true force of athleticism and inspiration, Austin Ekeler! Known for his electrifying speed and dynamic playmaking, Ekeler has become highly credited amongst the NFL, captivating fans with his explosive performances on the field. As a standout running back for the Los Angeles Chargers, he has proven time and again that size is no barrier to success, defying expectations and leaving defenders in the dust. But there's so much more to Ekeler than his incredible athletic abilities. Off the field, he's a beacon of positivity and resilience, using his platform to uplift others and promote a well-rounded approach to life.

Topics: In this inspiring interview, Austin and Simonetta discuss his journey into the NFL, the impacts of community service, and how to build mental stamina. Tune in.

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Simonetta & SLTV would like to dedicate this episode to dedication, discipline, & sportsmanship.

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🎞Executive Producer: Raphael Amabile
🎥Senior Production Manager: Kate Massih @klmassih
✨ Production Company: Ausonia Partners LLC @ausoniapartners

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February 7, 2024 2:00pm ET by World Star PR  

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