Those Fantastic Things Release New Visual 'I Wanna Go Home'


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Those Fantastic Things deliver yet another slice of 80s inspired synth pop with their third official video release, I Wanna Go Home. Darker than either of their previous releases, front man Donnelly explains how it all came together; “We got to the chorus, acoustic, bass and drums really quickly – it was based on an old track of mine, Not In My Name, which very much had a war vibe to it, so the ‘I wanna go home’ chorus lyric very much inspired the verses to follow down that route.

The song relays a tale of when you’ve been sold a dream and promised the world but ultimately, you’ve been used and chewed up by those that made the promises in the first place. ‘You said we’d see the world together/you said you’d never leave me behind/you said I was someone special/now I choke on every hollow, empty word you spoke’, there was a lot of venom in it!”

But whilst the bones of the track came together quickly, it wasn’t all plain sailing; “We knew it had so much potential and we wanted to get it perfect. We went around and around for months, recording different guitar parts, recording and re-recording the vocals, different synth lines – some of which are still there, adding to the textures. But ultimately, we kept it as paired down and simple as possible, just leaving the chorus to breathe”.

The result is a swirling three and a half minutes full of synth soundscapes, delayed guitars and haunted vocals building to a hypnotic crescendo.

The epic new album from Those Fantastic Things is out now:

July 13, 2020 11:00am ET by Steaming Kettle PR  

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