Bishop Tha DJ announces album ‘#TrueOGseries Vol 2: New Day Co-Op’ and drops ‘Bareface Scarface!’


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Today Bishop Tha DJ has announced his new album ‘#TrueOGseries Vol 2: New Day Co-Op’ will drop on May 21st!

Following the success of recent singles ‘I Ain’t Dead’ and ‘Encore’, Bishop Tha DJ has dropped ‘Bareface Scarface,’ the final single from his upcoming album #TrueOGseries Vol 2: New Day Co-Op.

Produced by Senju Glitch and featuring the sharp and dynamic energy of Sun Zulu, ‘Bareface Scarface’ is a powerful message on avoiding the traps of life and overcoming the challenges which stand in our way. Based on a real conversation from Sun Zulu's time as a youth mentor in Baltimore, the lyrics reflect this depth with clever word play “actin' grown, gold mouth, heart of a lion - one glance in his direction, was it his pride I was trying?”

The dramatic hook reinforces a sentiment of survival “stuck in the game, never be the same, been through the pain and I still remain!” whilst the scratches and vocal clips by Bishop Tha DJ embed signature OG Hip Hop voices in the mix with quotes from the TV show The Wire as an ode to his golden era roots and foundation. The video, directed and edited by Sun Zulu, takes us directly to the streets of Baltimore and iconic scenes from the show. The distorted images, landscapes and effects reflect the turmoil of life in Baltimore and many cities in America.

Bareface Scarface's artwork features the work of renowned Baltimore photographer Kelly Connelly. The B-side to the single is ‘Blood Water’, featuring veteran Brooklyn rapper Ruste Juxx. The A and B side are a small but mighty taste of Bishop’s forthcoming album ‘#TrueOGseries Vol 2: New Day Co-Op’ scheduled to drop May 21st, 2021. Based on Bishop's “Podcast like a Mix Tape” of the same name, the album features some of the best OG Hip Hop from artists in Baltimore, Brooklyn, Chicago and all over the world. The album cover art is by Baltimore creative Ahmad Abdullah.

Stay tuned to what Bishop Tha DJ has to offer!

Track list

  1. Intro (Bishop Speaks)
  2. I Ain’t Dead (feat. Ullnevano & Sun Zulu)
  3. New Dividends (feat. Ashley S., Defcee & Sun Zulu)
  4. Bareface Scarface (feat. Sun Zulu)
  5. TOGS #1 - Vinyl to Streaming
  6. The Coldest (feat. Eze Jackson, Sir Tizzy, Shokus Apollo & Losvito)
  7. Persona (feat. Finesse King K & Lor Chris)
  8. Outrun (feat. Finesse King K, Nelly Hendriiix & Sun Zulu)
  9. Bishop’s Tec (Interlude)
  10. TOGS #2 - What’s a Mix Tape?
  11. Dirty Game (feat. Bito Sureiya & Sun Zulu)
  12. Belly Up (feat. Android No.23 & Sun Zulu)
  13. Blood Water (feat. Sun Zulu & Ruste Juxx)
  14. U Don Kno (feat. Nyota Parker, Lowe Key & Beth Banger)
  15. TOGS #3 - Ladies First
  16. Guard U Now (feat. J3rry Homes, Unitedivision & Dirt Platoon)
  17. Art of War (Megamix) (feat. Sun Zulu, B. Fortune & Skyzoo)
  18. Encore (feat. score|swayze, Sun Zulu, J. Swann & Bari Lutalo)
  19. Friday Phonk Freestyle (feat. Sun Zulu)

April 30, 2021 1:00pm ET by Steaming Kettle PR  

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